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Youth’s UNESCO Club Collaboration


March 30, 2015: American University of Sovereign Nations said today that they are very pleased to collaborate with Youth’s UNESCO Club which is an NGO based in Nepal. This club was established in August 2012 and formally registered according to Law of Government of Nepal in October 2012.

It is a Youth based NGO founded to educate and empower Nepalese Society in Peace, Olympic Truce and Disaster Management. It has closely collaborated with Eubios Ethics Institute in Youth Peace Ambassador (YPA) training programs, the YPA Olympic Truce Campaign, and the Youth Looking beyond Disaster (LBD) programs, and hosted YPA9, jointly held with AUSN in USA and in June we are again coming together with Sixth Youth looking Beyond Disaster Conference.

Rimesh Khanal who is President of Youth’s UNESCO Club and is in Arizona, USA said,”We already signed MOU with AUSN and we are working according this our second conference in USA with AUSN.”

He added, “being a Youth Peace Ambassador I know my role and research on youth in my leisure time here in states will definitely help us to work further in any place of the world. After this we are working with youth and students of New Zealand, France, Belgium and South Africa. This meetings will contain Public Health, Bioethics and Olympic Truce education respectively. Best news is to have this club in USA too so talks are going on with the colleagues and will start by June. ”

During its short period of time our club gave birth to several hidden talents of youth. Having nine Board Members and its network is now spread in 20 Countries in Asia and 5 countries outside Asia. Members voluntarily work in Disaster Risk Reduction Education for school children, Educating college level youth regarding Olympics and World Peace, and Bioethics with Public Health


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