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Youths Voice Finished Their 5th Fight Against Winter


Bangladesh, December 3, 2015: Youth’s Voice held their 5th winter campaign in Chittagong named ‘Fight Against Winter (FAW)’ with the tagline “It’s not just an event, it’s a movement” on November 28th, 2015.

FAW is an awareness campaign as well as fund raising program where volunteers and members approach the people to tell them about the plight of winter. Volunteers go to door-to-door as well as approach the people on the streets.

12310072_10205430002245806_5357456708914750566_oThis year 300 volunteer of Youths Voice from all over Chittagong, covered eight points in Chittagong: 2no. Gate, GEC, Probortok, Kazir Dewry, Chawkabazar, Agrabad, O. R. Nizam, Khulshi and Nasirabad where volunteers went with their directors to aware people about the plight of winter and approach people for fund or donations.

Lynn Water, Asian University for Women Photography Club, North South University Young Economists’ Forum, Boom Town Cafe and Radio Foorti sponsored this campaign. People of Chittagong were very happy about the campaign.

The plan is to distribute blankets, warm clothes, medical supplies etc. to selected families  in different parts of Bangladesh. Tahmid K Chowdhury, Founder President of Youth’s Voice Foundation said, “The great event was accomplished where we didn’t only raise awareness among public but also we have empowered ourselves through leading each other. Everyone was a leader him/herself than a volunteer. I am talking about this empowerment. We have baked ourselves in the scorching heat for a purpose and the purpose doesn’t stop now. Whoever thinks FAW-5 has ended please note that it has just started.” He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the whole team who stayed together avoiding all the hurdles, to the public who accepted this with a smile and also to Almighty for providing the platform to host one of the largest Winter Drive campaign in Bangladesh.

Founded on 1 September 2011, Youths Voice Bangladesh is a social organization with active engagement in social service and it is a youth initiative of development. Their mission is ‘To create a community that raises their voice for any social needs’. Youths Voice describe themselves as a non-profit organization looking to use the power of today’s young generation to bring reforms in every damaged sector of Bangladesh.

By: Sumayea Binte Shafiul,

Reporter of Glocal Khabar, Bangladdesh


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