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Yuva Prena Yatra Concluded Successfully


April 22, 2015: Yuva Prena Yatra is an unique initiative of “I for The Nation Foundation” in which we select the 100 highly passionate youth from across the nation with few selected international participants from a big pool of candidates and take them on a 7 days journey in to the Himalayas by bus, where these selected passionate youth meet with the Champions of Change in the Himalayas.

The Champions are those people who not only dare to dream but also converted their dreams into public reality and have established their enterprise using local Himalayan resources and create the good impact along with it. They are not just contributing there for the social and economic benefits, but has also helped to prevent the migration. The purpose of Yuva Prerna Yatra is Empowerment through Enterprise. These youngsters are selected through a rigorous selection process in which we select to those candidates who want to do something for the nation, who has passion to follow their dreams and looking for wings to fly.

11178377_440924119414256_5300326588696202631_nThe criteria of the selection is passion rather academic qualification. This year, nearly 5000+ youth applied for Yuva Prerna Yatra 2015 and out of them only 87. Young passionate souls could manage to come on board in the Yatra.

This year, we had participants from 4 different countries and 22 different Indian States. The participants came from Nepal, Russia, Bangladesh and India. We had a great mix of urban and rural participants in the Yatra. One side we had people from IITs, IIMs and big corporates, another side we had Gram Pradhans, Local Body members and farmers in the Yatra. We had good representations from Himalayan belt too so that they can connect with the

innovative solutions on ground.

Migration has emerged a major problem in the Himalayan region and approximately 65% of youngsters are migrating from Himalayan region whose primary reason is the lack of livelihood options. There is a very famous saying in the mountains that Youth of the mountain and Water of mountains, both are of no use to the mountain itself (Pahad ka Paani aur Pahad ke Jawani kabhi uske kaam nahi aati). Yuva Prerna Yatra is a mission in which we are trying to connect ‘mountain water i.e. the resources and ” youth of the mountain” i.e the youth so that the resources of the Himalayas can be utilised for suitable and integrated sustainable development of Himalayas and Humanity. In Yuva Prerna Yatra, the participants met with those Champions who not only dared to dream but also fulfilled their dreams.

There has been a positive change in the entire region because of their works. By meeting these role models, the youth got a chance to saw their dreams, their challenges and how they overcame it. All this helped our youth, to replicate such models or start some other enterprise in their area. It gave them a confidence to just start their entrepreneurial journey. Along with that, all participants had an interesting story with them. They are emerging champions too. Their learning enhanced by peer to peer learning too apart from Champion Visit. We had many structured workshops, sessions and reflection seminars which we conducted during the Yatra. It all helped them to develop their holistic vision.

Yuva Prerna Yatra is being organised since 2013 and 2015 was the third version of the Yatra. From the last Yatras, 27% of the participants have started their own venture and became the agents of change in their area. In 2015, Yuva Prerna Yatra was organised on 5th April to 11 April. It began on 5th April from Dehradun Uttarakhand and ended on 11th April in Haridwar. The Yatra was inaugurated by Ms. Saloni Malhota, Founder of DesiCrew (First Rural BPO of India) and the Flag Off ceremony was done by Prof. Vinay Kumar Nangia (Founder and Head, Department of Management Studies, IIT Roorkee). The Valedictory was done by Prof. V K Sharma, the Registrar of Gurukual Kangri University.

Yatra Destinations were:

Beginning of the YatraDoon University, Dehradun (5th April 2015)

Ramgarh – Navdanya and Bija Vidyapeeth

Purkal – Purkal Youth Development Society (PYDS) and Stree Shakkti

Naugaon (Uttarkashi) – Himalayan Action research Center (HARC)

Dhari Kalogi (Uttarkashi)– Farmer Producer Company

Lakhamandal – Lakshyagrah

Kempty – Himalayn Adventure Institute (HAI)

Mussoorie – SIDH – Mr. Pawan Gupta

Dhanolti – Dhanolti Eco Park

Rishikesh – Goonj

Byassi Camp – Workshops

Haridwar – Patanjali Food Park

Ending of The Yatra – Gurukul Kangdi University, Haridwar (11April, 2015)

Five participants from Nepal named Ms. Shawarni Khanal, Ms. Rachana Pradhan, Ms. Shraddha Dhakal, Ms. Bebika Shahi and Mr. Ramesh Khadka participated in Yuva Prerna Yatra 2015. We would like to extend our thanks to Women Development Advocacy Centre (WDAC) for spreading awareness about Yuva Prerna Yatra throughout the Nepal and coordinating the things for bringing the selected candidates on board. Also we would like to thank Glocal Khabar for being the online media partner of Yuva Prerna Yatra in Nepal.

I For Nation Foundation: is a registered not for profit organization with the aim to provide the platform to those people who want to do something for the society and nation. So that, everyone can follow their heart and connect it with the nation building. The organization has taken many initiative and Yuva Prerna Yatra is one of its kind of initiative.



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