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YUWA celebrates its eighth anniversary


Kathmandu, 18 December, 2017: To mark the eighth anniversary of its establishment, YUWA organized a celebration program bringing together all its contributing member on December 16, 2017.

Throughout the years one of the eminent youth established social organization, YUWA, has signified itself as the platform for empowerment and leadership development among youth in Nepal.

The celebration was commemorated in the YUWA office Maharajgunj featuring co-founders, Rukh Bahadur Gurung and Santosh Bohora as well as the executives, members, volunteers and staffs who were the significant part of the growth of the organization.

The co-founders addressed the event and became retrospective about the starting days of YUWA.”We would like to congratulate YUWA for its extended journey of uniting and empowering the young mind. When we recall the initial days, YUWA comprised few but passionate youths who envisioned the new avenues and platforms for the youth movement of Nepal. Today we have become a successful and recognized platform “, said one of the co-founder Rukh Bahadur Gurung.

Kanchan Kharel , the ex-president, Amit Timlsina, the current president, Rukh Bahadur Gurung,co-founder and Lirisha Tuladhar, the youngest YALC member at YUWA, collectively initiated the cake cutting ceremony. The vibrant energy, exhilaration and inspiring environment of the youths in the event reflected their confidence and trust towards the work and organization.

“In 8 years, YUWA has established itself as the peculiar, unique and exemplary organization. YUWA has been the biggest platform for thousands of youth to groom and develop themselves as a leader. YUWA is empowering youths for present and future,” Amit Timilsina, president at YUWA mentioned about the visions taken by the organization.

Since 2009, YUWA has encouraged youth participation through empowerment and advocacy with the principles of committing towards transferring leadership and promoting Y-culture for youths.