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YY Cities Lab Taking Place at Philippine


Kathmandu, February 16, 2019: YY Future Cities Lab is a platform initiated by Future City Summit in collaboration with Social Business Youth Alliance (SBYA) Global to innovate and incubate social business ideas to build sustainable future cities. It is a program that is taking place in Philipines from 19th March to 21st March.

“YY Future Cities Lab 2019” is going to take place in Manila, Philippines, with the first-hand interaction and experience with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Prof. Muhammad Yunus.  

YY Future Cities Lab is the collaboration avenue of Future City Summit and SBYA Global with support from YY Goshti, Launchgarage, and Grameen Australia, on the stressing issues of Rural unbanked economy and housing with suburban-urban linkage.

Together with progressive communities in the social business domain, SBYA Global and Future City Summit will explore how social business can build sustainable future cities with the rural and suburban communities. With the mentors from Asian Development Bank, Launchgarage, YY Goshti and Grameen Australia, we will step into the next level collaboration and incubation for the concerned groups.

Winning 3 teams would be given the opportunity to pitch at the Social Business Youth Summit 2019 (22-23 March) in Manila. It’s an exclusive pitch run for the “YY Future Cities Lab” design jam champions to pitch in front of the critical stakeholders of Social Business arena like Yunus Centre, Grameen Australia, SBYA Global, YY Goshti, The YY Foundation and so on. The best pitch will be awarded by Professor Muhammad Yunus and will be taken for three months mentorship and incubation supported by YY Goshti and Future City Summit.

With the prototype hackathon style design jam, partners such as Launchgarage, YY Goshti, and Social Business Youth Alliance Global would be co-founding “The Three Zeros Lab” and “Emerging Future Cities Social Business Network” for implementing the selected feasible prototypes with the setting up of the Social Business Fund.

All delegates would be recognized for their contribution to the collaboration framework developed with YY Goshti, SBYA Global, Yunus Centre and Grameen Australia.

The program will feature Prof. Muhammad Yunus, keynote speaker and other pioneers with years of a lesson learned in social businesses.  Learn directly from Prof. Muhammad Yunus and other leaders from the Philippines, how he visions “A world of three zeros” and the 10 years challenge in rural unbanked economy and urbanization.

Similarly, Team up with 70 young leaders from 25 cities from around Asia region to come up with social business ideas which contribute to finding out sustainable solutions to housing and rural unbanked issues. First-hand experience and network building with leaders from YY Goshti, SBYA Global, Yunus Centre, Grameen Australia, The YY Foundation, Asian Development Bank, World Economic Forum Global Shapers and Harvard GSD.