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11 Ways To Be A Great Friend To Someone In The Times We Live In


Today, the bond of friendship has become so fragile, you never know what can end it. Our parents are still in touch with their friends of more than 20 years, and we tend to ignore WhatsApp chats and calls from our so called BFFs. Our generation hardly values camaraderie, because today, friendship begins with a motive and ends when it’s fulfilled.

Being a good friend doesn’t mean tying a mere friendship band on Friendship Day. It goes beyond that. It’s being there for your friend when they don’t bother you thinking you’re busy. Somewhere between those 4-AM calls, coffee breaks, and trips to Goa, a connection forms which ultimately becomes unbreakable. All you’ve got to do is try to be a friend to a friend by doing these things today.

1. If your friend tells you a secret, make it a point to keep it a secret

friendship 1

The most loyal of friends fail to guard a secret. Nowadays, not many friends would tell you things thanks to trust issues. But when someone does, all you’ve got to do is not discuss it anywhere else. Keeping your mouth shut is one of the biggest favours you could do for a friend.

2. Do not make a plan just to cancel it the last moment

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Many WhatsApp groups are formed and then get disbanded due to plan cancellations. It’s annoying to build castles in the air about going to places and then ditch your friend/friends the last minute. Commit only if you’re certain about things, else you’re just wasting everybody’s time.

3. If you’ve borrowed money, books and DVDs, make it a point to return it

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Many friendships are ruined because of this endless borrowing. Giving back things you’ve borrowed are basic manners. People have clearly forgotten that today.

4. Sharing is caring

friendship 4

Make it a point to share with your friends the interesting things you see, listen to, and read. This way, you’re not only keeping them updated, but also helping them learn new things.

5. Share your bills, but don’t be stingy

friendship 5

Don’t be that friend who goes to the loo every time the bill comes. Also, don’t be the friend who repeatedly demands money after paying the bill.

6. Do not try to get too personal

friendship 6

You don’t have to be someone’s BFF or bae by knowing each and everything about their life. People respect people who maintain a friendship by maintaining a distance.

7.  It’s okay to not be honest at times

friendship 7

If you’re an honest friend, it’s sometimes okay to go easy on your sarcastic taunts and remarks. You don’t have to say your friend looks horrible in whatever she wears. Get sarcastic only while you guys are not serious.

8. Cover for each other

friendship 8

Lying to parents about your friend’s whereabouts or taking up work on your holiday because your work BFF is ill are the nicest ways to show you care. Such gestures are highly appreciated in friendship.

9. Sisters before misters and bros before hoes

friendship 9

Never ditch your friend for a date. It’s only acceptable if you haven’t been on a date in a long time. In such a case, your friend will happily push you towards getting some sexy time.

10. Call on birthdays

friendship 10

Avoid sending a WhatsApp on birthdays. Make the effort to call.

11. Most important of all – don’t judge

friendship 12

We’ve all been judgmental about our friends. Whether it’s about their choices of movies or clothes, we tend to judge them. What’s bad is getting judgmental and not telling them about it but bitching to others. It’s better to have no friends as opposed to having judgmental enemies who pose as friends.