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I live my dreams daily!

I am not talking about the dreams you see while you are asleep. Let’s talk about the ones don’t let you sleep at all. As a child, you have countless…

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Going global with Facebook Live

Picture: Bidhya Chapagain presents a Sajha Sawal ‘Facebook Live’ featuring politicians, Shanta Chaudhary and Renu Chand Hundreds of thousands of people across the world joined our first two Facebook Lives from…

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On media writing

Why do I write? Because there is the editorial page. And I write for fun, not for the paltry remuneration I recently tried to contact a media source who was impossible…

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The final countdown

Since nature is so erratic, so woo-woo, why not leave everything up to god?  Feels like I am sitting on a ticking time-bomb. The anxiety heightens as I know not—neither…

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Eyes that change their color

Those green eyes…I never knew that the color of eyes ever changes! When I came to that realization, it was too late; I could not stop them from closing forever….

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Challenges of being a woman

There is no doubt that Nepali society is a society of strong patriarchal values. All walks of social and political lives and state bodies are dominated by men. Women rarely…

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Rebuilding Nepal

I was back in Kathmandu for the first time since the devastating earthquake of 2015, which had claimed 9,000 lives. As a destination, Kathmandu has always enticed me. I am…

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My unforgettable trip to NASA

I had long dreamt to visit the United States of America and that came true last year. I also got an opportunity to participate in Space University Program at the National…

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Survey reveals young women in Nepal are exposed to greater dangers than just cat calls and wolf whistles. That women are harassed at home, in the workplace and in the…

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It’s time for a movie

My wife is a big fan of Nepali and Bollywood movies. I prefer Hollywood flicks. I still remember the days of ‘Chino’ when Shiva Dai danced around with Kristi Didi….

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Busting police myths

Around 67 percent people do not trust the police and 78 percent believe the police do not understand their issues “Those were dark days. It was complete chaos,” exclaims Ajeet Lal…

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The guardian of the shadows

Austrian architect Götz Hagmüller’s forthcoming memoir promises to be a homage to Kathmandu Valley’s heritage Austrian architect and filmmaker Götz Hagmüller sits on his porch not far from the collapsed…