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7 Things I have realized in lockdown


Six month ago, if people told us that our life would be confined in four walls for months, we would probably refuse to believe. And if anyone would have said that world would be shut down because of some virus, we would laugh it off because the whole world being infected of virus is kind of unbelievable. Science and technology had taken such a leap that one would scoff at the idea of whole world being at stake of some virus. But here we are locked down for two months. This is a turbulent time but there will definitely be the light at the end of tunnel.

Here are some things I have realized in this lockdown:

1. The importance of outdoor activity

We never appreciated “outdoor time”, whether be going to the grocery store or random walking through the roadside lane or going to some stall or meeting friends. We have never thought its importance in our life until now. Today even if boredom hit, we are limited to meander through house corridor.

2. Suffering of being caged

This is what dogs/ cats feel like coped up in the house all the time. I guess now everyone can relate to what it feels like to be in a limited territory. Being in a restricted area and forced to stay inside has made everyone realize that animals go through a lot.

3. Not everyone is selfish

This lockdown actually made me see the good side of people that there are so many helping hands. People helping each other in this tough time have made me believe in humanity once again. And there is no better feeling in this world than helping someone selflessly.

4. Celebrations are not always about gathering

There are so many creative ways to actually make someone feel special. It’s not always about being there for but more about doing it for.

5. Grateful for everything

I would probably never realize how lucky I am to have this life where I have a roof above, food to survive and all other things that were not really my concern. I feel grateful for having a home because I can feel what staying at home order means for those experiencing homelessness.

6. Global pollution dropped with industry shutdown

This pandemic revealed the power of human over environment-for good and bad. We have prioritised global economy more at the cost of global environment. This lockdown was much needed for earth to actually heal.

7. Life is so unpredictable

The only thing that is certain about life is uncertainty. There is no use of planning the week or month ahead because life unfurls in an unexpected way. One doesn’t even know if they will see tomorrow’s sun. All unexpected things happen and all expectations never occur.

This lockdown has been quite challenging for many people. But it is also our moral duty to contribute and help the helpless. Even the small effort can be a huge support for some family because at the end what actually matters is humanity.

Many of us are unsure of what happens next but the optimist in me says that there is a silver lining and we will come out of it with a better version for ourselves, community and environment. 

  • Sadhana Thapa