Glocal Khabar’s Operations Halt


    Publisher Note

    5th June 2020

    Today’s post is very special and has a lot of importance in our life at Glocal! We started Glocal with our first website,, which gave us an identity, of what Glocal shaped up as. Glocal Khabar started as a foundation of writing and sharing news articles about Young People, Startups, Importance of Skills, and Acknowledgment for Doers in the society. While we started in 2014, it was a challenge for startups, and initiation from young people to reach the mainstream media. However, today we do see a very good change, that a lot of media has been sharing about young stories and things are getting into good shape. In the meanwhile, Glocal’s main focus is into working for Skill Development, Learning Methodologies, Online Learning, Developing Educational Activities, Promoting Skillful youths and Teenagers; take Nepali Brand – Glocal Teen Hero Globally and most importantly collaborate for achieving all mentioned above. Glocal as a company focus, is now more concentrated, we are taking down one of our verticals at Glocal Family, and that is Glocal Khabar. We do have a great emotional attachment with Glocal Khabar, because of its history, and for us, as a family, it has been a hard decision to take. And I also believe, Glocal Khabar has connected us to a lot you who is reading, but we don’t want relations with you to limit there, we want to work together, collaborate and still promote Skills, Youth Voices through our blogs on Glocal After School & Glocal Teen Hero Websites.

    We have gone through rounds of discussion to take this decision within our team and some of our mentors and concluded that we should focus on the priorities and learning to, Let Go is also very important. I hope you all will understand and support us as you have been doing, for all our other verticals and projects.

    Also, all the content of Glocal Khabar will be available on the same weblinks, so all the wonderful stories of you awesome people will be momentum from Glocal Khabar to you all forever.

    With the halt of Glocal Khabar’s operations, I would like to thank all the Readers, Contributors, Writers, Editors and Project Leads who have led Glocal Khabar since 2014, there are few names which have a deep association with Glocal Khabar and they made it what it is; Basanta K. Dhakal (who gave Glocal Khabar a very unique and high value), Alina Prajapati (who since inception has made Glocal Khabar and other projects awesome), Kabita Sen (Young but awesome leader), Prashant Bhandari (Awesome Language Skills), Drishti Maharajan (Such a dedicated leader), Namrata Gautam (Made Glocal Khabar Strive through initial difficult phases), and apologies for any missing names. Glocal always would be grateful for amazing work. Also, Swecha and team who is leading Glocal Khabar currently shall be working for the contents to be available on other Glocal Verticals. Thanks to all for being a part of Glocal Khabar and making it Awesome for us Glocal Family.

    Asish Thakur

    Publisher/Executive Director