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What’s New At- “H20 Aquarium and Pet Store”


Global Khabar interviewed Mr.Rickchal Khadgi, Founder and Owner of “H2O Aquarium and Pet Store” to get more information about his venture.

Rickchal Khadgi always had a strong desire of starting a business of breeding and rearing the creatures. He was always keen on having a pet store since childhood. He officially started business with an aquarium story “H2O” three years ago.

“But this idea has started long before. My house was filled with big aquariums, dogs and pigeons long before I opened a business. Three years ago, I officially initiated “H2O Aquarium and Pet Store”. Initially, like for all middle class dreamers, things weren’t easy, but I was prepared for all the struggle. In a time, an aquarium store in Bagbazar took faith in its clientele. As a result, I have now expanded my fish beyond aquatic beauties to H2O farm”; says Khadgi.

As fish live in water and an aquarium is all about water (with molecular formula H2O), he named his shop as H2O Aquarium itself, and set into the professional journey of aquarium business.

Talking about business steadily, this is a tricky question for any business person in the given context of Covid-19 that we are facing together. For reasons similar to many, it’s a difficult time right now given the least mobility. “Prior to Covid-19, I am doing absolutely great with my expansion of farm, breeding dogs and local chicken, planning organic farming and fish farming. I am not at the same pace now, and I am not giving up. I am not demotivated too. Better days will come soon”; he added.

Customer Response

Customer faith is key to any business. For that, the supply of quality goods with reasonable selling margin is the mantra.

Khadgi says, “In the last three years, I have earned amazing customers, who trust my work, who believe that I will not let them down. As a result, they do not hesitate personally calling me for my services and recommend me to people who may not know about my business. I guess that’s my achievement so far”.


Recalling about the challenges in the growth and scaling up of the company, “I remember working days and nights, going to the homes of people, restaurants, and offices to single-handedly build an aquarium for them”, he says adding, “Importing aquatic pets from abroad, quality check, their customs, their survival, everything is a risk. It’s not a office hour work that you could go back home and take a rest in the evening. You may have to work around the clock. Investments are challenging too”.

Long term plans

Therefore, in the long- term plan, right now I am concentrating on my farm more because it’s still a new baby that needs good nurturing. I planning to get into organic farming and fish farming. Producing goods is a beautiful way of a thanking life and contributing to society.

Message to the youths

Take your time to identify your passion and develop the required skills. It is in your best interest to be skillfull and pursue your passion. Do not be afraid to quit whatever you’re doing to pursue your dream from the scratch.

It is in your best interest to identify your identity and be a successful person; pursuing your passion. Believe in yourself even if the world does not. Prove people wrong and do the right for yourself. Be honest with yourself and develop the needed skills for a successful fulfillment.