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MIC for Youths: Public speaking platform for youths


Lots of Youths in our country is not being able to show and express their inner voice due to fear of mass. MIC for youths gives a perfect opportunity to the youths who have the fear of speaking in mass as they provide quality public speaking skills training to the youths by various speakers of Nepal.

About MIC for Youths

MIC for Youth was initiated by Mr. Shivam Agrawal and Ms. Shikha Nepal collaborated later adding some creativeness to the sessions. It was founded in 2017with the motive to provide a platform for the youths to develop their public speaking skills along with leadership, career orientation. It focuses mainly on investing in youths via various skills development programs.

MIC for youths does not only teaches them how to give a speech but now they have added poetry training as well from which lots of participants are interested in it. Avoiding boring lectures and boring tasks, they focus more on exploring the creativity. “We have all the practical contents and good speakers from Nepal which will surely help them in moving forward building their future.” said the Co-founder Ms. Shikha. The special thing about the MIC for youth is that they don’t believe in the crowd but they actually want to go through every individual very closely so that they can set up their events as the mindset of the participates.

At the moment MIC for youth is providing training for 4 weeks (every Saturday) training where participates will be given lots of tasks as well as training where they can open up themselves very easily. “We mainly help them to sharpen their creativity.” Said Co-Founder Ms. Shikha Nepal.


As a youngster starting some venture there will come lots of obstacles, the same thing happened to the founders of MIC for Youth. Mr. Agrawal shares, “As we were fresher’s there were lots of obstacles that we faced. Nobody wanted to trust a fresher’s due to which we faced lots of problems.”

While making youths trust them for training in initial phase was a major issue due to which they had very less crowd and couldn’t afford a good speaker in the town and similarly they also had the venue problems.

Slowly, they started getting more participants and they now have sessions thorough professional speakers.

Feedback from Participants

The feedback from the participants are so far good and are satisfied with the cost of the training. “Positive responses are being passed from our past participants as they are finding MIC for Youth a life turning platform.” says the founder. Every participant is finding our training sessions very useful and most of the participants are recommending their friends and sibling to take training at the MIC for youths.

Future Plans

For the future plans, MIC for youth will be establishing their platforms in different cities like Janakpur, Butwal, Dhanghadi, Biratnagar and Malangwa which are already in the process of registration. “We are now planning to give a free session for all the participants linking up with many companies as we are only motivated towards investing in youths.” said the founder Mr.Agrawal.

They are now planning to tie up with lots of companies from where we will be providing lots of rewards and coupons for the outstanding participates. “We are also now in the process to give free training to the youths in upcoming days.” adds the co-founder Ms. Nepal.


“There are lots of those kinds of a platform in Nepal. So, normally you can join any of the platforms which provide that kind of pieces of training which will be one of your investment, which can change of viewing yourself. One day motivation is not going to change your life but the main point is bringing your own self-change in life. You should also know that every time you spend in your life must be your investment which is definitely going to make a creating change in your life.”

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