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Revising Internet Services in Nepal: Loop Network   


Tech savvy and digitalization is taking over the world and internet is now becoming the necessity. Internet users in Nepal are growing at the penetration rate of 63 percent and 2.25 million users in Nepal as per Nepal Telecommunication Authority in 2018. With huge potential of internet marketers and less competing firms, Loop Network was initiated in 2016 by Satish Pokhrel.

Story behind initiating

After completing computer engineering from India, Satish Pokhrel joined his dad business, Agni Cement as a Director. While working, he realized that he wanted to do something different than this business and decided that it might be interesting to work in the networking field. Internet was something related to his field but he didn’t have the business and technical knowledge. Six months after the earthquake, he researched about the market and started Loop Networks in February 2016 with the capital of 15 lakhs and ISP license.

He did the research for about 6 months related to all the technical things that are required for the startup. After initiating the work, the company started a booth campaign in Kuleshwor area of Kathmandu. They provided services in low rates than what it was in the market. He got 25 clients in just a few months.

Loop network started “night to network” and “night support services”. Satish believed that there were no other better choices to do in IT for him in Nepal.

About Loop Networks

Loop Network, being one of the newly established telecommunication service providers in Nepal aims to provide stable internet and IT services all over the country. Its head operating office is in Kathmandu. Founded in February 2016, Loop Network specializes in the provision of FTTH Internet service, monitoring, cloud services and E-mail services.


With huge investment in the first year, Loop Network faced challenges in almost each and every part such as technology, funds, resources, and management. In cases where the wireless internet was not working effectively, Loop Network provided the fiber optical internet services to its customer. At first, they targeted the multiple areas like Matatirtha, Sanga, Thimi, and Kuleshor. “Recruiting people and delegating work was challenging and was not systematic in the early days. I had no previous technical knowledge. So relying on others for the technical support, services, and suggestions, and then working on them for the betterment of our customers was even more challenging and risky. Funding was a tough challenge as the cost of the first year went too high. Moreover, without prior experience, it was even challenging.”

Therefore, they had to push it back and only focus on Kuleshwor area. The target focus was to provide better service in one area users first that is Kuleshwor.

However, they expanded in more areas through multiple strategies in local level through partnership and franchise models. Now, Loop networks successfully provide services in Kathmandu, Dhanusha, Jhapa, and Nuwakot.

Customer Feedback

Loop Networks have its users in both in and outside the valley. They have its users in places where internet have not reached out properly. So far, the customer response is positive and encouraging as per Mr. Satish. He says, “Customers are happy as we have a better support system in all local branches, franchise, and partners.”

Future Plan   

Loop Network has developed its major impact in the market. They have gained customers majorly with word of mouth strategies backed up by its standard quality service and support. As the future plans of the company, Mr. Satish shares, “We want to focus on our existing client to provide better services and support. Since our project is still in its pilot phase and understanding its more difficult to recover word of mouth-based users, we will be working on giving the best maintenance and service to our existing users.”

In addition, Loop Networks is planning to provide services in Rupandehi district as mentioned by Mr. Satish.

Message to youths

“Please do not get frustrated when you are jobless after you graduate. Even if you do not get a job, you can still start your own startup with a small investment. There is scope in every field. If you own a positive attitude with strong willpower, you can find as many scopes in Nepal.”

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