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Nepali Eventwalas making the management of events easier than ever


Adhiraj Regmi was first introduced to the term ‘entrepreneurship’ in his high school which made him explore the mindsets of many youths working on their own idea. Back then, he had no idea that he would start something of his own. Today, he finds himself leading a company, Nepal Eventwalas, a new event planner in the town.


While he was pursuing A-Levels in Chelsea International Academy, Adhiraj got to attend different events and programs organized in Kathmandu. After joining the NGO ‘Human Value for Peace and Prosperity’, he even coordinated various events on his own. This exposure taught him what it really requires to organize a successful event. “My involvement and participation in various events taught me about management of resources, budget and manpower to organize a successful event. Also, I realized a need of a well-organized event planner who would handle the job fairly leaving me with an idea to establish an event planning company of my own,” shares Adhiraj, Managing Director of Nepali Eventwalas.

However, the idea would have never been executed if they had not met Pawan Agrawal in World Youth Leadership Summit. Agrawal, ex-CEO of DABBA WALA (a company delivering lunch-boxes to the office workers in Mumbai), with his words, impressed Adhiraj and his partner SachinTimilsina so much that they invited him to Kathmandu for a talk program.

Pawan Agrawal

“Our motive was to conduct a program on our own and motivate the youths through intriguing story of Agrawal Sir. The event became a grand success and boosted our confidence in becoming a successful event planner. I had my teacher Kaushal Sapkota always supporting me,” recalls Adhiraj adding, “As a result; we formed a five-member core team. Each of us invested thirty thousand to establish Nepal Eventwalas.”

Nepal Eventawalas manage events, conferences, corporate meetings and organize trainings, educational workshops and recreational functions. Although they organize events on their own, they aim to work on the ideas of others and assist them to conduct a successful program.If a company plans to conduct an event, it needs to manage everything on its own. Attention should be given to different aspects to make sure that the program goes well and yields the satisfactory result. It demands a good division of the work and coordination of the manpower and resources. But working with Nepal Eventwalas is different. All you need to do is provide the details of the event and they handle the rest.

In their eight months journey, CGIM Fest, Hankook Sarang and Strategic Leadership with Amit Shrestha are among the programs coordinated by the group. According to Adhiraj, the team was able to successfully manage the programs and the clients were satisfied with the works. Similarly, Foodies Unite, which featured some growing singers in Nepal, helped Nepal Eventwalas get well-known among the youths of Kathmandu.


Adhiraj Regmi

“As an event planner, we have to be sure that the work we are doing involves a lot of risks. Also, there is a necessity of building a good team who can work well with each other. No results can be achieved if we failed to build a strong team. Talking about the clients, our networking has helped us a lot. Be it a company, firms colleges or suppliers, we make sure that they are happy with our services and they reach out to us in the future too.”- Adhiraj Regmi.


Talking to Glocal Khabar, Adhiraj explained the current condition of their market. He feels that they are working on such platform where people hardly reach out to service-based companies to get their events done. There are limited numbers of company who consider event planners as the alternatives than managing everything oneself. Even if someone invites to work on their plan, bargaining on the prices has been big challenge. “The negotiation process is quite tough. We don’t have any guidelines set previously and we have to design the pricing on our own. This has sometimes created suspicion but after the service is delivered, it is no longer a problem,” opines Adhiraj.

Future Plans

Nepal Eventwalas are committed to change the perception of the people. In the coming days, they target to increase the number of clients they can outsource by earning their trust and delivering the quality managerial services. They are also working to increase the number of events they are organizing on their own. Top quality mega events featuring the guests and delegates who have never been invited to Nepal is their top priority. Working on the large-scale basis, their objective is to grow as the largest event-planner in the country.

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To the aspiring entrepreneurs

Ideas often come to your mind but implementation is what really counts. Let your dreams not only remain as dreams. If think investment is what stops you from taking your chance, you are wrong. Just make your idea genuine, you will find a lot of sources for money. Take Risk Act Wise!

Presented by: Prashant Bhandari