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Cozy Home B&B: providing homely accommodation for guest


Nepal is still an attraction and major travel destinations for domestic and international tourists. Cozy Home B&B initiates its venture to provide homely accommodation for its guest at most affordable prices and excellent quality services.

About Cozy Home B&B

Founded in 2012 and reinvested in 2017, based in Bhanimandal, Lalitpur Cozy Home B&B is trusted for a comfortable, clean and homely accommodation in the fantastic land of Nepal with scenic beauty and serenity. The bookings can be made online or via call. Whether a bed for a night, a room for a week, or a bungalow for a month. And with good customer service and a growing trust of valued guests, Cozy is one of the easiest accommodation for guest to relax and work.

Inspiration and Story Behind

There are uncountable hotels which provide services to the tourist but not all are as homely as we expect. The Co-Founder mentioned when she traveled, she could not find homely environment as she expected and the prices were too high for moderate services. When she and her team studied about B&B, they found that these B&B are providing good services internationally and customers are responding positively. This inspired the team to start B&B and contribute to the tourism industry in Nepal.

Ms. Mishra says, “Nepal has lots of tourists who want to travel and have homely accommodation in affordable price. When I and my team studied about the B&B globally, we also thought that we can also provide better quality services to the tourist and thought of starting our B&B.”

“As Nepal is a rich country in the tourism industry, and there are lots of Hotels and Motels who are providing services to the tourist. I and my family together thought of starting B&B to provide a better service to the tourists in Nepal and homely environment to the tourist so that we can do some amount of contribution the tourism industry in Nepal.” said the Co-Founder.

Response from customers

The main push in any kind of business you start is the customers and you have to move on with the business as per the responses you get from your customers. So far, Cozy Home has been getting a positive response from its guests. At the same time, bag packer tourists both domestic and international prefers to choose B&B for the homely yet cost-effective environment.

“There are lots of positive feedback from the customers that have already been to our B&B which always pushes us to take our business forward and lots of customers are staying in our B&B whenever they visit Nepal,” said Ms. Mishra. “They are positively commenting on the services that we had provided previously when they stayed in our B&B through various social media which helps us to drive our business ahead”, she added.


Cozy Home has been overcoming according to time and situations. However, one of the major challenges the team finds is to work in a systematic way as hotels move. As their core services are giving homely environment, Cozy Home has been providing customized services to customers demand. With different customer needs, the team finds challenging to run systematically. B&B has to move forward being in the boundary and customizing the demands as the customer wants.

Stating about the challenges, Ms. Mishra says, “There are lots of challenges and hurdles in every business but especially talking about B&B the main challenge we face in our venture is that we cannot go in a systematic way as the hotels move. We should also make our customer happy by understanding the customization as the customer demands.”

Future Plan

Though facing some challenges, Cozy Home B&B have the confidence to make their venture successful. For the present phase, they plan to provide the best customer services and retain them for the future. The team plans to grow the occupancy of their venture and increase the quality of services that they provide. The team believes that making guests happy with their services automatically leads business to grow and earn the profit.

“By providing the quality service to the customer we want to grow the occupancy in our venture and we will always keep in our mind that none of our customers goes back unsatisfied” added Ms. Anju

Message to Youths

As stated by Co-Founder of Cozy Homes B&B, Anju Mishra, “Youths are going abroad for the better opportunities while there are still many opportunities which are unused in Nepal. Youths are not willing to catch the opportunity available in-home country.”

She ends up her word saying, “there are lots of opportunities to the youths and it is far better to work hard with dedication than complaining about the unavailability of recourses and policies by the government.”

Startup for better Nepal!

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