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Providing digital super market: Story of SmartDoko


The lifestyle has been moving with the changing and evolving technology. Every person is busy with all their day-today work. Digitalization has made life even easier with simple solutions like online payment, online order and many more. While social media and e-commerce is taking over the world, SmartDoko is initiated in Nepal to provide digital super market in Nepal.

Story Behind initiating

Subin Man Pradhan, General Manager of SmartDoko joined this initiation in 2016 when he returned back to Nepal after completing his undergrad in Business and Strategic Management in India and MBA from UK.

He wanted to create opportunities in Nepal that he has experienced and learnt abroad. Therefore, he aims to provide digital super market via an online shopping portal. “Online business was very convenient in UK while you a buying grocery or any other things as people are too busy. I made the same base of experience and came back to Nepal to provide same kind of facilities to people.” Says, Mr. Pradhan.

At first, the team took one year to make the system ready to use for the customers. They attempted hundreds of trials and errors to make sure that customers will get best shopping experience and facilities from the portal.

They made the target to provide fast delivery of the product to customers with wide options to choose. SmartDoko have more than 100 vendors and 20 team members working in it.


Mr. Pradhan was inspired to do business in Nepal as all of the family members was into the business. For e-commerce, he saw great potential with the emerging economic status of digital Nepal.

As people are busy and have less time to shop, there are huge opportunities of e-commerce in Nepal.  He says, “I have experienced all about e-commerce and online shopping during my years is stay at India and UK. I wanted to bring same digital shopping experience here in Nepal too where people will have easy lifestyle.”

About SmartDoko

SmartDoko is an online shopping destination in Nepal offering wide range of products whereby the customers can enjoy a hassle-free purchase of products which is now just a click away from reaching to their doorsteps.

The Strategies opted by SmartDoko is to bear unbeatable prices, prompt delivery, high level of responsiveness and reliability, wide selection of products and services, provide reward points, integrated marketing communication and strong distribution channels.

SmartDoko has earning points facilities that customers will get in each purchase.


For an e-commerce like SmartDoko, the geography of Nepal is the major challenge. The market size is small as these companies cannot reach out to all places of Nepal. Moreover, internet, pollution and traffic congestion are the other hurdles to deliver service on time to customers.

Bedside these, Mr. Pradhan shares that availability of products with the vendors is also a challenge and customers might have bad perception to trust.

Customer Response

SmartDoko is officially providing its services to its customers since a year now. They have received good feedback from customers on their services. Their earning points encourage customers to buys more.

However, SmartDoko discourage taking order through Facebook or other social media to make sure all the sales are recw orded. Mr. Pradhan shares, “while customer wants to buy fast via a call or social media, Mr. Pradhan says that they will definitely sign up in website once you convince them.”

Future Plans

SmartDoko has been operating since two years with one year of trail and error. They will be focusing on new and easy payment gateways than what they offer. Mr. Pradhan mentions, “Till now we have cash and card on delivery and serving international customers with master and visa card. We will now increase payment gateways.”

Message to Youth

“You should have the vision of whatever you are planning and then you can achieve it.”

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By: Alina Prajapati