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Friends and Fallouts


Friendship, one of the most comforting feelings in life and Friends, at some point of life becomes family and sometimes above it as well. There is some kind of comfortness in that relation that makes you who you are without the fear of judgement. It is perhaps the only dynamic relation where you can drop your guard, pass horrendous comments, gulp anything, completely be honest and still be friends. We tend to share all the dark and deep secrets with the sense of integrity because we know that it is locked safely with them and no matter what they will never disclose it for anything. There is a tremendous amount of love, affection, respect in its virtue. There can be differences in opinion, social distance but friends are one point to call at any time during emotional duress and also professional anxiety.

It is correctly said that your life is mostly built by the people you are surrounded by. Friends are the everyday people in our life. They become your guideline and you tend to walk together in the same direction. Some lead you towards the arclight of life and some become the reason of your downfall. But anyways they mould, shape and frame you. It is very important for every person to recognize that true dear friend who will actually have your back. It is rare to find such and when you find it, it is better to hold on for eternity. Sometimes some relation you expected to be most important and thought would last to perpetuity, perhaps comes to an end but it doesn’t mean there was never love in that relation. The love and bond of history that was shared shall always be reminisced.

Creation is not the difficult part of friendship, the difficult part is Consistency in that relation. Consistency, maintaining it, is tough to do. But more power to those who keep them afloat. Sometimes it is important to cut off toxic friends from your life and you should not be late to recognize such people. Such people are red flag warnings and it’s better to end such dynamic. It’s always better to surround yourself with people who can help you grow and help you dream.

True friends are the conscience keeper, the only person who keeps you grounded and in touch with reality. Sometimes friendship weakens because of physical distance but its not an excuse. A true friend will look after you irrespective of any hindrances. They will help you out of anything and if couldn’t they will still stand by your side. It is very important to have someone who will once in a while give a reality check. They will correct you, make fun out of you, fight with you and for you.

Friends and fallout is pretty common in everyone’s life and happens to everyone. It is better to have a fallout with selfish behaviour than be in that space. Sometimes there can be a compromise because every relation have to make some changes but not to the cost of losing yourself and transforming into somebody you are not. It’s better to admit defeat than trying to fix some friendship because a wonderful friendship is an effortless connection.

Sadhana Thapa