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1974 AD presents Hazaar Sapana

Photo: Bal Krishna Thapa/ THT

The album is gift for fans and free for download.

Kathmandu, August 6, 2016: With new a line-up and sound, the legendary band 1974 AD is back with their ninth studio album Hazaar Sapana. The band launched their new album on August 5 at Moksh, Jawalakhel. The album, which has come after about six years since their last, is the first album as 1974 AD #thenewlineup.

“We are releasing the new album after a gap of six years with a new line-up. It has been an amazing journey working with the new line-up. The music we have created is definitely different but at the same time it is 1974 AD’s music,” founding member Nirakar Yakthumba shared as the band interacted with the media on their new album.

1974 AD, that was formed in 1994, took a turn in 2015 when the lead vocal Adrian Pradhan parted ways with the band. And joining Yakthumba on bass, Manoj Kumar KC on guitar and backing vocals and Sanjay Shrestha on drums and percussion for the new line-up were new members Prajjwal Mukhiya on vocals and keyboard, Rohit John Chhetri on vocals and guitar, Pratik Baniya on trombone, and Jacko Wacko on trumpet. And thus a new sound!

Hazaar Sapana is a result of 1974 AD’s way of experimenting with new sounds yet keeping its essence intact. About the album KC said they have tried to achieve the “vintage sound of 70s and 80s for the album which I believe is the flavour of 1974 AD. It is brand new and might not sound like the sound of the new generation”.

Hazaar Sapana comprises eight songs — Saani Ko, Bagdai Gareko, Timi Mero, Pathaideu, Hazaar Sapana, Saalghari, Chaya and Aru Kalo. Anup Pahari has penned the title track, while Pahari and KC have composed the song. Shrestha, Jacko Wacko, Chhetri and former band member Phiroj Shyangden have contributed to the creations of the album.

Samjhi Baschu in 1998 was their first Nepali album which was followed by albums like Satabdi, Jungi Nishan, Pinjada Ko Suga and Aath Athara. “The band has made a full circle in terms of sound and Hazaar Sapana is part two of Samjhi Baschu,” added KC.

The album is free for download and KC informed, “It is tough to make the album accessible to all fans immediately. We have so many listeners who have loved us so much. So, Hazaar Sapana is gift to all our listeners with love.”

New members also shared their experiences working with the band at the event.

“I am very privileged to be sitting with such legendary musicians. I grew up listening to them and learnt music listening to them. Today, I got to share my time, knowledge in music and skill with legendary musicians and it is my privilege,” Mukhiya expressed. For Chhetri, the album is a dream come true. “I had thousands of dreams and to share stage with 1974 AD was one of them. To be a part of Hazaar Sapana is a dream come true.”

The album can be downloaded for free from www.1974ad.com.np. You can also listen to it on YouTube.