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download-2Being alone in the wilderness is a humbling experience. Standing alone on a mountain ridge, the silence is deafening. The breeze sings through the forest trees as the sun sets and the sounds of strange creatures come out of the dark from beyond the warm glow of a flickering fire that hisses and pops, sending smoke and sparks up into the Milky Way above.

Sometimes we just need to disconnect. To un-tether ourselves from touchscreens and the collective consciousness of social media. I remember when I went deep into the Australian outback, I realised how vast the earth is. I felt so small as I gazed out across flat, empty plains to where a crisp and distant horizon met the sky.

However, what I realised even more, was how prepared you have to be! Being alone in the wilderness can be frightening if anything goes wrong. We’ve all seen news stories across our TV screens at night about missing hikers and tales of wilderness survival (or not). So, if you’re heading into the wilderness, check out the below extensive guide for essentials you NEED to pack! This infographic from Expedia’s Viewfinder travel blog is the ultimate guide to roughing it with a backpack.

Take the Road Less Travelled, head into the wilderness and experience everything nature has to offer but, be prepared and stay safe!



It was  published on October 8, 2016.  You can read it here .