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A Man with Vision : Niranjan Shrestha


Mr. Niranjan Shrestha is an entrepreneur; major player in the confectioners and dairy sector with firms like Sujal Foods, a biggest confectionery manufacturing and marketing company in Nepal which is the flagship subsidiary company of Laxmi Group. Sujal dairy Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Laxmi Group is one of the largest milk processing companies with over 10 years of expertise on the dairy industry of Nepal. Sujal dairy debuted into the dairy industry after the successful acquisition of Pokhara Milk supply Scheme (PMSS) in 2005. It marks its presence as a trendsetter in the dairy industry, with the use of new ideas, technologies, production facilities and product developments.

He carries an initiative on enterprise entrepreneurship to improve the quality of life of the communities and become a trusted, admirable, supreme conglomerate. He call himself a second generation entrepreneur because his grandmother used to make homemade sweets in Pokhara and sell it to students.  They took the process further and decided to mechanize the sweets making process and start a business. He started with handmade sweets and now his initiation are the largest confectionery manufacturer in Nepal. He has thousands of people working together.He has always been vigilant in bringing new technology to improve your production and introduce new products. He believes in Business РThe key to survival is to be able to roll with the punches.