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A youth activist may call it the revolutionary energy, an aged may see it as new generation’s innovation, a politician may define it a mirror for reflection of reality, a debater may define it as an argumentation ground, and a teacher may see it modern education system.

Whatever may be the perceptions, the common stance is, Glocal Khabar is an initiation of a group of some active youth from diverse educational backgrounds and understandings envisioned and intended to dig out issues of the present day society, be it regarding modern business, or youth.

The Glocal Khabar, Localizing Global News, has been initiated with its aim to outreach as much population as possible into knowledge expansion, by focusing on the activities of youths all around the nation and share their stories, so as to inspire lot more. We also believe in healthy argument on the modern issues of business world to make the citizens of this developing nation, more aware and updated.

Besides the current national, international and local news, there are wonderful stories of youth icons that will help youths pursue their dreams more enthusiastically. Moreover, it is a platform for anyone willing to learn writing and expressing the voice best out of him/her. Along with it, this stands as a platform for voicing the public opinion, remaining far from biased and partiality. Realizing the need of prompt updates to all sorts of readers, irrespective of the age and profession, the team also aims to quench the demand of all types. In a nutshell, the team has envisioned to making the portal a common ground for learning, teaching and remaining updated.

Glocal Khabar has been initiated by the youths of Nepal but in days to come it has an aim to encircle and expand the teams up to SAARC level and later to Global level, to share ideas and have a global perspective, views and to celebrate unity amongst youth.

Anyone interested to join our hands or work together are welcome. Similarly we also await your valuable feedback and comments for our improvement.

We believe in growing ideas together.
Localizing Global News
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