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Alia Bhatt Calls Acting A Lonely Job, Admits Being Vulnerable But Not Insecure!


July 18, 2016: Alia Bhatt’s box-office success rate clearly shows that she is here to stay. With just one major flop to her name and massive hits like Udta Punjab, 2 States, Kapoor & Sons and Highway are enough for us to know that Bhatt knows the film game too well.

A few days ago, 23 YO Alia spoke to media about how acting is one of the most loneliest jobs in the world. In her statement, she said:

“Acting, in itself, is a lonely job. That’s the case even when you have a great support system like I have lovely friends and a great family. Since you are constantly moving from one film to another, from one character to another and from one place to another, you interact with certain people on a film’s set for 50 days. Then, on the 51st day, you aren’t with them. So the family that you had is suddenly not there. You don’t even talk to those people; it’s a bit jarring. That makes you feel lonely!”

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In her recent interview, once again Alia spoke about the pressures that actors face while performing. Making an important point about the underlying feeling of insecurity in the world of glitz and glamour, and what makes an actor wary about your position, Alia said:

“I think various things like insecurities of feeling the pressure to perform with each film, the pressure for the film to perform well at the box office, which makes you little wary of the position that you are in, the questions that are always thrown at you that you might not have the answer to, but you are expected to have. So all those things land (one) up in feeling a bit vulnerable and insecure in any place.”

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By Isha Sharma