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ATM and people’s strange habits


Waiting for your turn in front an ATM is boring. However, you also get to see different types of behavior during the time.  People exhibit strange acts as they wait for their turn to take cash out from the Automated Teller Machine.

Some take an entire lifetime inside the ATM lounge. These are the ones who are negligent on their pin number or they do not know how to operate the machine. Either way, they should understand that ATM is fast money and there are many who are waiting outside for their turn. And then there are others who are always in a rush, knocking the ATM door and not even giving a minute to a person who has just walked inside. Some even stand half way through the door while the person is still counting or receiving the cash from the machine.

Some simply love to make small talk as they wait in line and hear the ongoing conversations. I have seen people being scared when the machine does not give out cash of the amount requested and they are terrified. There might be probabilities that the cash machine has some internal defects in its system and then they try their pin code numerous times, which still does not solve the problem.

The most annoying are the individuals who wait in the queue and constantly look at each activity the customers are involved in. They remind me of stalkers on the street.

The last ones of the category are the smartest yet dumb who are in a hurry and get their card stuck inside the machine or withdraw more than the required amount.

Now, what behavior do you show in ATM lounges?

By Shikha Bahety

The writer is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal.