25 April 2015, a jolly Saturday that people would spend enjoying in Nepal as a public holiday. Many people came out of their houses to enjoy, but something happened that no one had even dreamt of.

    The earth started showing its wildest anger on our homeland, which left it demolished. Multiple strong shakes killed many people, ruined historic monuments, injured uncountable people and left Nepal in chaos.

    What do we Nepalese have to boast of now? The historic Dharahara? The three Durbar Squares, listed as the world heritage sites by the UNESCO? The world’s highest Mount Everest? One of the most beautiful cities in the world? Nothing’s left, and it’s a bitter truth that all Nepalese have to realize. The government of Nepal is putting head on heels efforts for its people and many other countries have extended hands of help.

    There’s an old song “Nepali haami rahaulaa kahaa Nepalai narahe”, meaning “Where will we Nepalese live if there is no Nepal?” Sadly, at this point of time, this question haunts every Nepali who’s been hearing the news. It feels like crying to see our innocent Nepalese brothers and sisters trapped in the ruins. We all burst of tears when we heard about the death tolls. People are terrified by the shake that has shuddered them from their hearts. Our lake city, Pokhara, has been destroyed. The epicentered district, Gorkha, has nothing left in it except dead bodies and demolished houses. Even the holy Manakamana Shrine is hurt. Say it the miracle of god, the Pashupatinath, our national deity, hasn’t even had a single crack.

    We all lie here speechless, deeply saddened by the news of the epitome of destruction that our country experienced. Our hands lie at rest as no help can be extended by us at this very moment of need. Talking to our parents gave us some relief but listening and watching the news terrified us. I shouldn’t be saying this, friends, but now, our small beautiful Himalayan nation is over. There’s nothing left but debris of destruction. We’ve been left in jeopardy by the catastrophe which has posed a great challenge for us to bounce back.

    All the Nepalese community would be very thankful to each and every country that has shown even a small sign of help to be relieved from this disaster. We have received generous help from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, The United States of America, China, Canada, Norway and many other countries. Reports say that it might take at least ten years to rebuild our motherland, which, I’m afraid, is a very long time. I won’t be able to see my city in ruins, and no Nepali would be. I would humbly request everyone to extend their helping hands physically or by social media or by any means. Let’s all pray for our motherland. God save Nepal. We offer sincere condolences to the dead and pray for fast and safe recovery of the injured.

    By: Pratish Pokharel Gatthaghar, Madhyapur Thimi-15, Bhaktapur, Nepal (Currently studying at BVC Engineering College Odalarevu, Andhra Pradesh, India)


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