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A Call to Transform Nepal by Transforming Yourself

Photo by : Md Saif

Kathmandu, 4 Feb, 2015: An event ‘Ma Nepali Hamro Nepal: Thinking Nationally Acting Individually’ was organized today for the very first time in Nepal by Ma Movement where over 1500 people attended. The event aims to create a nation of Nepalese who positively challenge the status quo and create a society where hard work and ingenuity of the people are recognized.

Ma Movement, an uncommon initiative from common people, brought together prominent figures and emerging young leaders from diverse sectors. Event crated the much-needed synergy between the speakers and interested groups of participants by creating a space for motivation, engagement and rational dialogue.

Speakers during the event stressed to begin a national movement to build our nation by coming together, sharing innovative ideas and promoting self-led initiatives. Abdus Miya, Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya, Kshitij Raj Lohani, Rajesh Hamal, Sagar Parasi, Saunak Bhatta, Shailee Basnet, Shristi KC, Ujjwala Maharja and Yukta Bajracharya addressed the participants. While Anil Shah facilitated the event.

One of the speakers, Mr. Saunak Bhatta said, “the event is just an initial step towards active citizenry where every participant will explore their potential to excel, individually or in a group, in their respective fields of interest which eventually will add value to develop our nation”.

Mr. Anil Shah, Program Facilitator highlighted, “time has come to voice concerns via actions. Maximum co-operation and contribution is expected from every single person as it is an initiative that belongs to everyone”. While Faija Praween, one of the organizing team members clarified that the movement is totally an apolitical and grassroots initiative to cater local to global issues that affect our country.

The event was attended by young leaders, students, social workers, professionals from different sectors, and media. Similar event will be organized in different regional cities to spread the message to different regional cities of Nepal.

‘Ma Nepali – Hamro Nepal’ serves as a platform for Nepalis, within and across borders, to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other as well as domain experts, in order to build an environment to facilitate positive change from an individual to the national level.

Photo by : Md Saif


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