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Computer Vision for Global Challenge 2019 is Now Open


Kathmandu, March 16, 2019: Application for Computer Vision for Global Challenge 2019 is now open with a deadline of April 29, 2019, which will be taking place in the United States. It is a challenge that is open for all region across the Globe.

Computer vision has recently made rapid progress, achieving a level of performance that was unexpected just a few years ago. This technology has opened possibilities in many real-world domains, including transportation, entertainment and safety. While these applications give value to Facebook’s technology, research to date has predominantly focused on a few geographic regions, primarily the United States and Europe, raising concerns of globally unrepresented datasets, tasks and ultimately the direction of the field.

Facebook is calling for proposals for pilot and early-stage research that extends computer vision technologies in developing countries. They specifically seek projects that address the technical challenges impeding computer vision in these contexts, including data and hardware limitations and better integration of new information sources, such as high-resolution satellite imagery. Competitive applications will similarly leverage computer vision to achieve global development priorities, especially those captured in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

This opportunity is open to applicants worldwide from academic and/or research institutions that are eligible for research funding. This includes individual researchers addressing a well-defined problem, or multiple university departments. Facebook encourage emerging scholars to apply.

For more information visit: https://www.youthop.com/miscellaneous/facebook-research-computer-vision-for-global-challenges-2019