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Digitalizing the maintenance service provider in Nepal: Sajilo Marmat Sewa


Maintenance is always about hustling around to find some hub or a shop near. But in 21st century, with a busy life schedule you will not be able to visit or roam to allocate the maintenance centre near your office, house or anywhere you have problem. Sajilo Marmat Sewa brings you a digitalized hub where you get best maintenance service provider who are highly trained and will visit you to repair or maintain. This start-up provides you the service on finger touch.

Story behind initiation

“While studying MBA at KUSOM, there was a market research. From the research we found the customers are facing severe problem trying to acquire maintenance services in the capital. Thus, an idea emerged out to try mitigating the problem. The idea validation struck a major milestone when it won an Intra-University business idea competition organized by Kathmandu University. As a reward, the idea was incubated at Idea Studio, a nationwide Entrepreneurship Development Program aired in Nepal Television”, said Sujeet.  Three enthusiastic KU graduates decided to solve the problem and started their entrepreneurial journey.

Sajilo Marmat Sewa was registered in June 2017. However, in back end, the actual work started from February 2017.

About Sajilo Marmat Sewa

Sujeet mentioned, “Our dedicated and specialized technicians along with experienced experts provide complete solution to the problems faced by organizations. We are a team of 8: three co-founders, four in house technicians, and one intern. We have a pool of 65 skilled partners spread throughout the valley.”


Sujeet emphasized, “The first challenge we faced was to not take up lucrative jobs right after our graduation. Kawish Shrestha and I were offered lucrative job offers from top companies in Nepal. Turning down those jobs was difficult for both of us.”

Another big challenge was to get the skilled partners on board. Gaining their confidence and making those free spirited guys to work under a certain code of conduct was a challenge. “Today, however we get calls from technicians outside Kathmandu and even from abroad to work for Sajilo Marmat Sewa. The maintenance market is very unregulated, so is the pricing. Our challenge is to find the sweet price that will satisfy the customers and the technicians. We fell we are getting there.”, he concluded. Quality is not always the King and Research doesn’t validate everything are the two things that were challenging to understand and cope up for flourishment of the start-up among customer.

 Customer response

Even though quality is one of the most important factor while providing services, customers are willing to compromise a bit of quality for price. The company realized that every customer does not want a top notch service. He said, “So we had to reduce service features in order to fit customer’s reservation price. Also, our research suggested that our services will be popular more with the household customers. However, once we started organizations were early adopters and easily accepting of our services. We take regular customer feedbacks and get invaluable feedbacks very often.” The process and operational plan of the company has been influenced by customer feedbacks and plan the future aims.

Future plans

The vision of Sajilo Marmat Sewa is to be the largest digital service marketplace in South Asia. As, Sajilo Marmat Sewa has already started a revolution on the way of services in Nepal. He quotes , “We are launching a dedicated call centres and more user friendly application. We want and aim to become the largest ‘Digital Market Service Place’ in South Asia.”

Message to youth

Sujeet says, “For aspiring youths who are planning to start-up, I recommend to conduct the proper market research before establishment of the start-up. This will Validate your problem and solution before investing too much. Investing time and money in market research will save a lot of investment later. Also, find the right team. A good team usually consists of people with complementary skills, shared values and vision. Personal comfort is also very essential.”

 By: Sampada Dahal

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