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DYDF hosting Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 in Bangladesh


Kathmandu, September 17, 2015: Dhurubotara  Youth Development Foundation(DYDF) is hosting  Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 in Bangladesh from November 20- 22. More than 300 national delegates and  200 international delegates are attending the 3 day summit.

DYDF is a non profitable social organization working to empower the youth and adolescents groups both girls & boys of disadvantage communities of Bangladesh. Moreover,It works for the growth of leadership of youth in self-employment , poverty reduction and better livelihood of Bangladesh.

11752445_860870087329638_5206028789374709757_nDYDF has been working on various holistic projects focusing on youth mobilization and leadership by mobilizing youth through volunteer activities, promoting to institute youth linkages and collaboration at community levels, building capacity of youth in leadership promotion in a democratic way, arranging skills training for self-employment, Promoting participation of youth in entrepreneurship and value chain marketing process, improving the moral values and cultural improvement of youth through counseling meditation process and cross country learning share, creating opportunity to participate in technological innovations are some of the major successful activities.

The main outcomes of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2015 Bangladesh are expected to develop leadership skills among the participants, and provide them with the basic knowledge they would require to prove themselves as successful entrepreneurs. Similarly it has set a goal to build a platform for connection and collaboration—engaging all players along the entrepreneurship spectrum. The platform shall involve the government sector, non-government sector, sponsors, distinguished speakers of multiple sectors and delegates.

Summit also aimed to initiate dialogue for entrepreneurs’ problem solution and exchange ideas with investors and corporate sector for new startup and find the delegates with the best innovative ideas and provide them with the opportunity to implement their ideas.

Summit desperately wants to create positive changes to make positive impacts on social and economic development and create awareness among the youth regarding the present and future challenges, facing not only Bangladesh, but the global economy as a whole. It has set goal to develop plans for the sustainable development of target communities and regions and lead Bangladesh into the future with a journey of exploration, as this summit will be a stepping stone to achieve the MDG, coming SDG and Vision 2021.

The Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 Bangladesh will be the first of its kind. It will not only be a platform for the collaboration of youth entrepreneurs, but it will also be a light of hope to many, who have it all-the dreams, ideas and determination-but just don’t get a chance to make their dreams into a reality. The summit will promote leadership and will encourage many youth entrepreneurs to take the next step towards realizing their dream, thus will be a stepping stone towards achieving positive socio-economic change globally.

DYDF hosting Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 in Bangladesh
DYDF hosting Global Youth Entrepreneurs Summit 2015 in Bangladesh



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