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Environmental Poem Competition By Sano Sansar Initiative


Kathmandu, July 5, 2015: Sano Sansar Initiative has taken up for “The Environmental Poem Competition” in English, accentuating the issues of environment and climate change,where the children’s and youths who haven’t been able to express their views on the environment will be given a golden platform.This is the competition for the South Asian Youths who can get an opportunity to share their ideas in a rhythm about the environment.

“We have a vision to succeed in our goal of creating a more sustainable society”, says Sudeep Ghimire from Sano Sansar Initiative.

The strength of poetry is, it carries a message of love among two hearts and awakens minds of several mankind. Unlike the hundreds of campaigns which last just for a day, poems are something that last forever. The philosophical and liberal views attached with any poem presents the ideas in more persuasive way.

The concept is not a new one: but a wonderful chance for those who want to take few minutes to think about our common future in the form of poetry.

All the poems will be broadcasted in social websites and top 3 will be published in an online newspaper as well. Top 50 poems will be combined to form a book. Winners will be announced with the influence from number of likes on face book (70%) and judges (30%). However, the poems must be submitted by August 1.

By: Bhawana Sharma


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