Municipality Warns Residents To Construct Toilet Or Face Consequences

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Lahan, Dec 2,2014: The Lahan Municipality in an unprecedented injunction today warned the town denizens that they would be deprived of every service except the emergency services from mid December if they fail to construct toilets at their houses.

The Municipality will distribute identity cards to those who have constructed toilets and those failing to comply with the order would be deprived of every other service except the emergency services from mid December, said Krishna Karki, Executive Official at the Municipality.

The Municipality started distributing identity cards for confirmation of having a toilet from Ward No. 7 on the occasion of the World Toilet Day that fell on 19 November. The Municipality has already distributed identity cards at Ward No. 7, 2 and 9, according to Karki.

Karki added that town residents in all the ten wards of the municipality would be provided with the identity cards within mid-December.

The Municipality plans to make the town area free of open defecation in one and a half years for which it is collaborating with the Ward Civil Forum, Civil Awareness Centre and various youth clubs to organize interaction programmes, street dramas and household programmes to raise awareness on toilet construction and sanitation.




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