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My Emotions Matter: Introducing and Developing Emotional Intelligence

My Emotions Matter Team

In this fast and furious world, every individual is thriving to chase his/her dream. Many a time, things go wrong without our consciousness. We might not be in the right track to achieve our aim and even if we do, there are the scenarios where the trophy might be in our hand but the satisfaction is lost within us. We fail to understand our emotions and confine us inside the illusion that things always work as per our plan. But when they don’t, the tussle among emotions make us response with unfavourable decisions. That’s why today’s corporate world is taking Emotional Intelligence (EI) in consideration to increase the productivity and rationality among workers.

EI is the ability to recognize, understand and control our as well as of other’s emotions that definitely creates impact in the day to day activities. Though the acclaim of EI is new in Nepal, My Emotions Matters has initiated the approach to contribute in creating a world where people are more aware, more intentional and more purposeful. It is an education company which creates self reflective learning experiences to develop emotional intelligence of students, teachers and working professionals.

Story Behind Initiation

The chapter of My Emotions Matter started when an all-time topper, Sagar Satyal, finally graduated with a strong academic milieu to start his career. Little did he know, his sturdy degrees started to lose its value when Sagar got stuck with heavy debts and losed someone special. This made him recall his life and the reflection got him across to emotional intelligence. So in March, 2016, he started a platform dedicated for the individuals willing to express themselves. Down the line, he met Bhawana Shrestha, who was a fellow in Teach for Nepal. During her fellowship, she faced the same case when she ascertained how her emotions influenced her life, both personally and professionally. Later, the team was accompanied by Aprajita Jha, who lost her three years trying to make for a scholarship seat to be a doctor but was knocked down by 2.5 marks. These enthusiastic youths came together with a mutual aim to find the meaning of their life and ultimately started My Emotions Matter to uplift their aim a step higher.

About My Emotions Matter

Sagar explains, “Life is all about the choices and the choices we made should be owned by us. Therefore, it’s really necessary for us to make the right choices. My Emotions Matter helps the participants to be self aware by using the ‘LISTEN’ approach which is an acronym for Listen, Introspect, Share, Try, Express and Nurture. The participants are encouraged to listen their inner voice and self reflect. My Emotions Matter provides them the platform to express and share their experiences. EI is not something that you develop overnight. It’s a lifelong process. So, the participants are uplifted to nurture their positive thoughts and emotions in a long run.”

Adding the functional information, Bhawana mentions,” We usually tie up with different institutions to offers the sessions. For example: For education, we have EI 11 session that has the curriculum designed for high school students, undergrads and grads designed. Similarly, for corporate, we have corporate sessions. However, we also have the independent sessions who are interested to have an individual and small group sessions.”


Addressing the challenges, Bhawana says,”Emotional Intelligence is still new for the people to understand. It is something that needs to be analysed since the early age itself. At the starting face, it was really hard to make people understand what actually is EI and how it can impact our life. But, after few session, we are really motivated to see that people are really understanding the concept.”

Participant Response

Sagar appreciates the positive participant response and says, “We are really happy to see such positive vibes in our participants. Our services are financially viable due to which, people are more interested to invest. During the sessions, every individual gets chance to meet people with different stories. Hence, they are more likely to build a network and enjoy the feeling of belonging. We are amazed how some participants have moved beyond their comfort zones and are quite adaptive to balance their emotions.”

Future Plans

Bhawana shares the future plans of My Emotions Matter as ,” It’s only been few months that we have started our company because of which, our scale of operation is comparatively small to what the demand is. We are looking forward to tie up with as many institutions as possible to aware large population about EI. “

Message to Youths

Sagar draws the attention of youths by saying, ”Youths are the most energetic age group who can easily be attracted by flashy things happening around. Be it by the big offices or the luxurious cars. It’s good to look at other people and be inspired. However, one should also be able to look within yourself and trace your personal motive of life.”

Likewise, Bhawana added, ”I always ask one question to everyone: If money, popularity weren’t the objects, what would you like to actually achieve then? So, calm yourself down, and try to analyze this question deeply, most probably, you will get your motive for life!”

By: Ruby Shah

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