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Five things to do post SEE


The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) has just come to an end. The excitement of completing the SEE exams may be overwhelming. But, it often comes with a dilemma to most of the students as they are confused regarding their further choice of subjects/courses and career paths.

Back in 2067, when I completed my School  Leaving Certificate (S.L.C.) exams, I felt more liberated as the pressure of exams and a yearlong journey of hectic schedule had come to an end. I had decided not to take any bridge courses. The sole reason for this was I wanted a break from studying. However, I wanted to continue learning.

Looking back, I strongly feel that every SEE appeared students should continue learning and the best use of these three months. The productive use of this time helps one gain long term benefits to cope with the competitiveness and makes them market-ready.

Here are the list of five things to do post SEE

  • Travel

Travelling is a very good way of recreation as well as learning. Being a Nepali, it comes as an advantage as we have plenty of places to choose to travel; from short routes to long routes, hiking to trekking or traversing Hills or Terai. Travelling give you an amazing learning experience as you step out of your comfort zone to explore and seek. The people you meet, roads you travel and stories of experiences will definitely be an asset that you would want to treasure your whole life. PS. don’t forget to post cool pictures on your social media.

  • Hone your skills

Skills are a necessity now. Skills like writing an email, letter, communicating, public speaking, team work, critical thinking among others make your sellable in market. While academics give you education via theory lessons, skills make you knowledgeable as it can be applied practically in everyday life. For acquiring skills, you can join the short term courses that match your interests that are available online as well as via training centers. This further, helps you identify your passion as to what you enjoy doing and what career path you ought to choose. Platforms like GlocalAfterSchool(GAS) organize various skill building workshops and training.

  • Participate in programs and events

In Kathmandu valley, number of programs are launched that are particularly targeted to SEE students. Participation in programs and events makes you more active and engaged. You can also look out for many programs that happens nationally and internationally worldwide by surfing through the opportunity sharing platforms like youthop.com or oya opportunities. Find the best of opportunity that suits your interest and grab it to stand out of the crowd.

  • Intern and experience

You can also intern in number of organizations. This is a perfect time to develop your hobbies as well. For example, if you are interested in writing, you can do internship in a media house or if you are interested in photography, videography etc. look out for the same.

  • Volunteer

One can volunteer nationally and internationally in order to have an experiential learning, enjoy and make friends at the same time. You can volunteer in many events, programs as well as in many organizations. This helps you network and build your capacity to do things in a right way.

By: Anusha Kadel