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Flood sweeps away Rangeli-Urlabari Highway


Biratnagar, July 25, 2016: Flood in Bakraha River has swept away some 10 meters blacktopped road of Rangeli-Urlabari Highway. The river eroded the road, that was used an alternative highway for travel in Eastern region, at Dainiya-7, Bheduwa.

According to Area Police Office, Rangeli, transportation has come to a complete halt after the river swept away the road early Sunday morning.  Only cycles and motorcycle are operating with the help of a wooden plank.

Following incessant rainfall, the water level in the river has increased drastically.

“Setting up an alternative agreement for resuming transportation is not possible until waver level recedes,” said a cop at Area Police Office, Rangeli.

Meanwhile, Eastern Regional Police Office, Biratnagar, said that hundreds of houses in the district are inundated due to floods in different rivers.