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Gap Year : Yes or No?


High school can be hectic and monotonous for many of the teenagers. Loaded with tons of assignments, never-ending examinations, lazy morning classes and what not! That’s the reason why many students plan to take a gap immediately after their final examinations. But how reasonable is it to have a year-long break for any student?

Saakshi Baheti, a student currently taking her gap year, says, ‘Gap year, as it is considered as the most subjugated year and wasted year of life by many people, it can be used very significantly. After 12 years of schooling, students do need a break. By the break, I mean figuring out what they want to do? What they are more passionate about? Knowing yourself and then pursuing your dream is far better than moving forward just because everyone is doing so.’

Ample time for university preparation

Shifting from a high school to any college is a transitional period. One must be ready for the future that is challenging in terms of more rigorous academic workload and career resolution. Thus, the prime intention to take a Gap year is to be refreshed and prepared before entering as a freshman in any university. The break provides enough time for the students to work on their application process.

Chance to acquire new skills

Setting oneself apart from the crowd is really necessary in this competitive world. That’s why many students take this break as an opportunity to learn new skills. Be it by learning any new language or by joining any new painting class, students tend to utilize their free time to add new skills in their favour. Correspondingly, some students also engage themselves with some sorts of volunteering jobs to create an impact in the society.

Gain some professional experience

It’s a great opportunity to gain official experience and put a few fortunes in the pocket by doing some internships and jobs during this period. This not only helps the students to engage themselves in a high-yielding activity but also helps them to get a shinier resume. Students will gain more confidence and a kind of independence.

Self-discovery and a better sense of the world

Similarly, this small break between high school and college can give the students a pause from their competitive life to reflect about themselves. After settling with a family and having a responsible career, it’s hardly that they will get chances to do what they like. Therefore, some students pick to travel all around which indeed assist in self-discovery and self-evaluation. It can be a good way for the students to figure out what they are passionate about.

However, looking from another angle, Gap year can be impaired in some points. ‘The step from high school to undergraduate program is a big step, but seeking a gap year might distract us. By skipping a year or so, it will create a rift between us and the books which might eventually affect our studies.’ states Prabindra Tamang, a first year BBA student.

Be behind than others

Usually, traditional families aren’t aware of the concept of gap year because of which, it’s difficult to make them understand. A year off will put the students back on the educational process. They will attain their degrees behindhand which is generally not so encouraged by the parents.

Financial Constraint

Likewise, a gap year can be costly for some because in order to join any skill oriented classes or even to travel. Students need to have a sound financial source. Many students opt to save these expenses to cover their upcoming university cost rather, proving gap year to be economically less viable.

Lose of Track    

While gap year can be an exhilarating break from ceaseless studying, most of the students find it troublesome to get back in the schedule and recoup their student momentum. On the other hand, it’s really easy to get disorganized if the students are not so clear with their goals for taking a break. They might end up the whole break just binge watching or waste time and energy just wandering without any gain.

There is definitely no doubt that it’s really a tough decision whether or not to take a gap year. One must always remember that no one knows you better than yourself. Hence, it’s important to self-evaluate and have a deep research about the pros and cons that suits the personal interest. Your friend’s decision might influence yours but it’s not necessary that what fits your friend, fits you too. An interactive discussion with the parents and teachers can also help to make a rational decision. Planning needs to be done ahead so that you don’t jumble up your decision in a rush at the last moment. After all, a gap can either make or break your motives of life!

By: Ruby Shah