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Glocal Khabar Presents Youth Dialogue: Considering Looks at General, Its perspective among Youths


The ninth episode of Glocal Khabar Presents Youth Dialogue ended with another interesting discussion on the topic- “Considering Looks at General, Its perspective among Youths.” Three beautiful personalities working in beauty and personality development field were invited for the discussion and they were Ms. Rashmi Malakar (Accessories Nepal), Ms. Karuna Gurung (Obsession Cosmetics) and Ms. Carolyn Chand (Miss Kathmandu 2019). The discussion was made about the youth’s perspective on beauty and its significance, beauty trend in the context of our country and also about the ventures they are working on to enhance the beauty of people and its importance. The dialogue was moderated by Ms. Saru Pyakurel and here are some of the highlights of the discussions.

  1. Every individual wants to look good. Beauty is what they thrive for. According to you, why is the significance of good looks in general? 

Ms. Karuna Gurung from Obsession Cosmetics started the conversation agreeing to the fact that beauty matters. She said that not only the inner beauty, but the outer looks is also important to demonstrate good personality. She defined beauty to be good inner and out because it makes you confident.

Ms. Carolyn Chand, who recently won the beauty pageant of Miss Kathmandu 2019 and the sub title of Miss Personality said a real beauty is demonstrated when you are a good human being. She explained that nowadays people give more preference to outer looks and appearance, but along with that one must have good heart. She said if one look good, they feel good. So you can’t deny the fact that appearance doesn’t matter. But the truth is that one should be beautiful within inside too.

Mr. Rashmi Malakar from Accessories Nepal defined that Beauty is all about personality. It is the way a people carry oneself. She said that if you are beautiful and if you can’t carry it well, then it’s not worth it. Therefore, beauty is being confident to carry yourself well.

2. What do you see the beauty trend in context of our country? Can you explain the scenario?

Ms. Rashmi highlighted that nowadays people have more obsession over cosmetic rather than natural. But she also have seen many young girls, who prefer natural looks over cosmetics. She also said she herself does not use much make up and cosmetic products. So, she has observed both types of people.

Ms. Carolyn added people want perfect figure, so they go to gym. Likewise many people have obesity about their body weight and also people are not confident about their natural body complexion. But she encouraged people to be confident enough to flaunt their things. She believes confidence is an important assets. If person is confident, beauty and outer self-matters. Make up is used to enhance the outer beauty. But a makeup looks gross if put excessively. Likewise, people tend to use make up drastically to look different and this is the trend.

Ms. Karuna also agrees to the fact that Make up is in trend and that same make up gives confidence. As she is from the cosmetic field, she feels happy seeing youth being beauty and brand conscious. She also said that the use of makeup builds confidence in front of society and since use of cosmetics has been a trend, it is good thing.

3. Looking back, what are the changes you have noticed towards conception about beauty in the present time?

Ms. Karuna said that in the past, people had no proper knowledge about make up products and cosmetics. There were also no high branded products in Nepal and people were not much aware about any brands. But now, the situation has improved and has been a lot before. Now, people are much aware and have good knowledge about good cosmetics brands and make ups. Likewise, they have also been brand conscious these days.

Ms. Carolyn also said that people are more familiar about make-up brands these days. Before, Make up meant just cream, Chap Stick and eye liner. But now various make up items and products are available in the market. Even the dermatologist suggest people to use sun screen cream to prevent skin from UV radiation. Make up has been like a protection cloth these days which protects our skin and make ups are present in various forms. So, the trend of using make up is high these days.

Ms. Rashmi agreed to them. Likewise, she added that nowadays herbal products are also being popular. Ms. Karuna also recalled the times of our past generations and said that changes are seen as per the generation. Nowadays, technologies has made a vast difference and cosmetics are also result of science & technology. In past people preferred more organic and herbal products. And now the same herbal products are being converted into new cosmetics through scientific approach. So, we can see the vast difference.

4. What kind of perception do you see in Youth about beauty accessories and methods?

Ms. Carolyn said that its accessories that helps to enhance our feature. She gave an example of a girl wearing a gown. A girl if wears a gown, she needs perfect accessories to match up with her costume and also a perfect make up will look really good in her. That not just enhance the beauty but also adds up for eye catching and makes us able to stand out in the crowd. She said in the 21st Century, everyone wants to look good and stand out confidentially.

Ms. Rashmi added for any looks, accessories plays a vital role. And she said if you have round face, it also helps for elongation. So accessories is important and adds up to the beauty of any outfits and also makes you look unique.

5. Beauty is not just as health or youth & symmetry that were biologically programmed to admire, but it is more like being tall, slender body, white complexion which is a misconception. Do you agree? What do you have to say about it?

Ms. Rashmi Malakar strongly disagree with the statement how beauty is defined above. She believes every individual in the planet are beautiful in their own body shape, structure and natural features. A person needs to learn to love themselves first. She also said that one must not compare themselves with the other people’s attributes. She also highlighted that nowadays people are imitating other people’s looks. She also informed about the trend in world that nowadays youths are wanting to make their body figure like Kim Kardashian. So, they undergo plastic surgery without being aware of its after effects. This can affect body but people only want to look good so they take the risk. She also said that Enhancing Beauty naturally by cosmetics and make ups is different thing and undergoing surgery makes a vast difference. Therefore, she encouraged youth to love the way they are and lead a happy and healthy life.

Ms. Carolyn also suggested youth to be happy with what they have got. She said that if we are comfortable and satisfied, we look good and a beautiful smile can be a plus point that makes us look even better. So, whatever god has sent us, we need to flaunt that no matter what we lack. She said-“If you are happy enough to flaunt your flaw, then that looks perfect on you.” Therefore, she convinced that it is not necessary to follow the beauty standards set by the society. Rather, we can create our own beauty standard that makes us happy and confident.

Ms. Karuna also thinks its society that sets up the beauty standards and has developed mentality about various body shapes and complexions. But whatever god has given us, we need to feel good about that because life is beautiful.

6. The people gets lured with various advertisements of cosmetics these days. They are not aware about the brands and fall as an easy prey for the business. How to overcome this situation?

Ms. Karuna said any brand who does advertisement has a motive to get the abundant number of customers and to earn profit in their business ideas. Sometimes, they are not responsible about the negative effects of their products after all money is the only thing that matters to them. But nowadays after people identifies the product and its negative effects, they stop using it. Because of which the brand image gets low. Therefore, people being brand conscious rather than falling for adverts is a good practice. And she also said that, rather than doing false advertisement, business needs to work on its quality first for the customer satisfaction.

7. Kindly introduce your venture to our viewers. And tell us what kind of contribution are you trying to give through your field regarding Beauty enhance Personality approach?

Ms. Rashmi introduced that “Accessories Nepal” paved its way into the Nepali fashion market in 2013 with only one colorful and clear goal: to provide fashionable and yet, affordable accessories for everyone .She also said that they have new venture ANX Studio at Civil Mall and Pokhara. With its main branch located at RB Complex Shop No.401, she said that the outlet provides all kinds of accessories from the best-selling statement such as neckpieces/ earrings to bags and watches. She also said that it is a perfect choice for the accessories lover.

Ms. Karuna said that their business “Obsession Cosmetics” was officially commenced from 2014.Before that, they imported products and used to deliver products to their customers as an online business. Currently, there are 2 branches. One in Dharan and one in Bishalbazar, 3rd floor shop number 307. The main motive of their business is Customer’s Satisfaction with a reasonable price because everyone wants to use branded products. She also said that youths are concerned about brands so, they can figure out the quality of products well these days.

Ms. Carolyn was crowned as Miss Kathmandu 2019 on the finale night of 6th September and she also received a sub title of Miss Personality. She shared her experience with us. She was keen about modelling since childhood and she is currently pursuing education on “Media Studies”. She said that she had that height and a level of confidence so she went for modelling. She shared that she had a dream to be somewhere on the height so she decided to participate in a beauty pageant. Firstly, she wasn’t much confident enough if she could make up to the finale. But after 7 weeks of grooming and trainings, she was able to build her confidence and finally she was able to win the most happening title “Miss Kathmandu 2019”.She said-“If you believe on yourself, you have that power to achieve what you believe on”.

8. What are the essential qualities that a youth must have?

According to Ms. Karuna, Confidence is the most important assets in youth. Whatever field it is, confidence is necessary to achieve your goals. Another quality is good personality, that makes a person look confident and they can communicate with other people easily.

Ms. Carolyn shared that a youth must possess a quality of believing in themselves and should have a positive thought about capable of doing any things. She said that hard work is the most important factor and with a passion and strong determination, they can lead their life towards prosperity. She also added confidence takes youth to the next level.

Ms. Rashmi agreed to the thoughts of Carolyn. And she also think that passion is something that develops skills and vision in youth. Likewise, the act of comparison must be discouraged and every individual must be encouraged to do well in their life. A society must be appreciative and if it happens then those society set beauty standards also doesn’t work.

9. What message you want to deliver to the youth listening us? 

Ms. Karuna said-“Be Confident and achieve what you want to. Think about yourself not about the society. Always word hard for your goals and prove yourself.”

Ms. Carolyn had a positive message to youth. She said-“Be happy, be full of life and be really passionate about what you love. Whatever life throws on your way, be strong enough to tackle it and live your life happily and peacefully.”

Ms. Rashmi said-“Be happy, carry confidence and always work hard to make your dreams turn reality.”

——- Saru Pyakurel