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Health Minister Thapa launches National HIV Strategic Plan


Kathmandu, December 2, 2016: Health Minister Gagan Thapa on Thursday launched the National HIV Strategic Plan 2016-2021 titled: “Nepal HIVision 2020,” in Kathmandu on the occasion of World AIDS Day.

The five-year plan commits to a fast-track approach that will accelerate action by focusing strategic investments in HIV programs for and with key populations, in priority geographical areas.

The NHSP ensures that everyone can access services for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support; leaving no one behind.  To Fast-Track the HIV response by 2020, it is estimated that annually $ 30-40 million will be required over the next 5 years.

“Nepal HIVision 2020” provides the strategic directions for the implementation of an innovative, evidence-informed and socially just HIV response that will set Nepal on a Fast-Track course to end the country’s AIDS epidemic by 2030,” said Minister Thapa adding “I am confident this plan will succeed because we have the support of every sector of the Government of Nepal as well as the crucial participation of the key population communities.”

Nepal has made remarkable progress in its HIV response over the past decades. It is estimated that 39000 people were living with HIV in Nepal, at the end of 2015. There were 1300 new HIV infections in 2015, compared to 7400 in 2001; down 82%. This success has been due to partnerships between the government, community groups, national and international non-governmental organisations, and external development partners.