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Curriculum Development Center to Modify Curriculum of School Levels


Kathmandu, March 18, 2018: Curriculum Development Center is taking an initiations to modify the curriculum for school levels in accordance with the federal structure.

The design of new curriculum for the different school levels has been put forward to connect all the Union, state, and local levels. The students who are going to be enrolled in grade 11 will get to study under the new curriculum.

The curriculum of grade 11 and 12 will not be designed according to the faculty system prevalent today. Part of compulsory mathematics and science will be added and the study of Nepal will be prioritized in grade 11 and 12 including the curriculum of the universities.

Krishna Prasad Kapri, Executive Director of the Curriculum Development Center informed that the reason behind the modification of the curriculum is to provide the same quality education in all the seven states of Nepal including local levels. All the community and private schools of the nation will be conducting classes based on the books made according to the new curriculum.

He further mentioned that all the students, including the present SEE batch will be attending the examination based on the new curriculum. The center is preparing for categorizing Grade 1-3 under the integrated system with a new teaching technique. Grade 1 to 8 will fall under primary level and grade 9 to 12 as a secondary level.

The Curriculum Development Centre mentioned that specialists have been appointed to design the new curriculum. The local level can also design the curriculum, a policy will be decided for languages of the international, national and local level according to the national format.