Importance of internship

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    Kathmandu, April 4, 2017: Many students have no idea what internship is. Well, an internship is the position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. Many students don’t like to do internships thinking “who wants to work for free!”, but what they do seem to misunderstand is while most internships don’t pay you by cash, they pay you with something much greater, the experience. Here are some reasons why internship is important before you take upon the real world.

    Real World Experience

    Working in a company as an intern isn’t about just running an errand, but gaining real-world experience. When you work as an intern, you get to involve and engage in professional environment and also help you in gaining more knowledge in which career path that you’re going to choose.

    Time Management 

    While working as an intern, you learn to become a guru in managing timetables as you get accustomed to work in fast paced professional environment. Time management is vital in every circumstance whether you’re attending meetings, finishing tasks on deadlines.

    Increases chances for employment

    Employers often select people who have internships or work experience in their resumes rather than those having no work experience at all. Internships provide strong resumes for people looking for better job opportunities.

    Teaches how to act professionally 

    The perks of being an intern is you get to see your employer interacting with other professionals which gives you an idea about how to act around people professionally whether in meetings, public places, et cetera.

    Builds network

    As an intern, you meet new faces everyday and interact with them occasionally. While this happens, you gradually boost your network with people which make it beneficial for future preferences.

    Builds Foundation

    Many Internships help you build a foundation for your career. They help you create a suitable environment in your workplace, find a suitable workplace, or even establish your own company. It is important for you to choose internships according to your interests and your career plans.

    Builds up your confidence level

    Being an intern you have to help your employer by running errands which also consist of you to take interviews, to talk with professionals, which helps you to build up your confidence level and improve your communications skills.

    By Akansha Budha