JEMC Yet to Print 4.7 Million Books for Coming Academic Year

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JEMC Yet to Print 4.7 Million Books for Coming Academic Year

Kathmandu, March 4: The Legislature-Parliament’s Women, Children and Social Welfare, and Senior Citizens’ Committee has inspected the Janak Education Material Centre (JEMC) and the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) on Wednesday.

During the inspection visit, Anil Kumar Jha from the Board of Directors at JEMC, informed the Committee on the progress in the printing of schoolbooks. According to him, the JEMC was in need of ample work for the security printing, and sufficient loan for smooth functioning of overall activities.

Similarly, Officiating Member Secretary at the HSEB, Narayan Prasad Koirala, informed the Committee on the activities being carried out by his office. For six months, the HSEB is awaiting the appointments of Vice-Chairman and Member Secretary.

Parliamentary Committee Chairperson Ranju Kumari Jha said the Committee was concerned much on the functioning of these bodies, and the investigation was underway on the employees bearing fake academic certificates.

4.7 Million Textbooks Yet to Be Printed

The JEMC said the textbooks have reached for the schools of Karnali zone. However, for the coming academic year, some 4.7 million books are yet to be printed.

According to the visiting member of the parliament Committee, Jivan Pariyar, the JEMC requested the government to provide budget to buy new machine.

The Committee also showed concern on lack of coordination between the JEMC management and the high officials here.

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