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Kathmandu-Pokhara Motor Rally to be Held on September 10


Kathmandu, September 7, 2016: A Kathmandu-Pokhara motor rally is going to be organized this Saturday with the aim of promoting internal tourism in Nepal.

To be organized by Rotary Club of Bagmati, the rally entitled ‘The Amazing Motor Rally Kathmandu-Pokhara 2016’ seeks to promote internal tourism in Nepal as the Government of Nepal has declared 2073 BS as the Ghumphir Barsha.

The rally will be of approximate distance 220 km, spanning around 8 hours’ drive with 8 different checkpoints and tasks along the way. The organizers will have allocated particular speed and time limit for the participants to reach each of the 8 checkpoints. If the participants reach ahead of the time, their points will be deducted by 2, giving a message that safe driving is important. If they reach after the time allocated, their points will be deducted by 1, which also shows that there is a better chance at winning the event, going slowly rather than fast.

The organizers have assured that the rally is no competition, and no first place will be awarded to cars reaching Pokhara the soonest.

The rally will be starting on September 10th Saturday, from Park Village Resort at 8 am with hopes of reaching Waterfront Resort in Pokhara by 4 pm.

The number of participants in the rally is limited to around 40-45 including one navigator and one driver on their own four-wheeled vehicle, with Rs12,000 as the total fee for the registration that includes t-shirts, cap, breakfast, lunch, water, snacks, one-night stay and dinner at Waterfront Resort, and the breakfast the next day. The participants in the rally will also be assured of safety with an insurance of Rs500,000, along with the necessary management and technical support team.

The winner in the rally will be awarded with a prize of 2 tickets from Qatar Airways to-and-fro from Kathmandu to anyplace in the world, while the first runner up will be provided with 2 tickets from Thai Airways to-and-fro from Kathmandu to Bangkok. The second runner up will bag 2 tickets from Nepal Airlines to-and-fro from Kathmandu to any city in India.

Added to this, the participants will also be provided with various lucky draw prizes including Paragliding, ultralight flights, zip flyer, bungee jumping and free stays at various Resorts and Hotels among others.

Registration for the competition ends at 12:00 pm on the 8th of September.

Interested candidates can register for their participation at the Rotary District Secretariat, Thapathali or simply contact the participants at 9801133378.