Lions Club of Magadi Provides Scholarships to Students

by Glocal Khabar 7 views0

Kathmandu, March 18, 2019: Lions Clubs of Magadi provided a scholarship and teaching materials to the students of Schools located in Magadi on Chaitra 3.

Similarly, the lions club of Beni Peace city provided a scholarship to two students during the program that took place in Mangala VDC-3 Banranja. During the same event, various stationary and scholarship were announced to the student of Mahendra High School and Janapriya Adarbhoot secondary school.

Students of Mahendra High School have been provided a scholarship for 1 years study to the 6 students who are currently studying in grade 11. All six students were given cash Rs 5,000 and one was given Rs 10,000.

Lions Club of Magadi is doing a great job providing scholarships to the financially backward students supporting their education