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Maiti Nepal to use face recognition app at the Borders


Kathmandu, 3 January, 2018: A face recognition app has been launched by Maiti Nepal that will help to track the girl traffickers in Nepal-India border points. US-based software company NowtRKit developed the app called Khoji that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will help to digitize the surveillance of traffickers in the border.

The app will allow the officials of Maiti Nepal to capture the face of the suspects. Then the image will be cross-checked with thousands of image of criminals that is stored at the server of Maiti Nepal. If the app finds the match, the police at the particular station will be notified.

According to Anuradha Koirala, Chairperson of Maiti Nepal, the app will benefit the Border Surveillance Staff of Maiti Nepal whose job is to inspect the women and children crossing the border. It will not only help us in preventing the girls and children trafficking but also finding the tracked or missing person,” added Koirala.

Nowtrikit has provided smartphones with Khoji installed to the volunteers free of cost and trained them for using the technology. This has enhanced the capacity of the volunteers and they will be ahead of the criminals trying to surpass the border.

Samir Panthi, Chief Executive Officer of Nowtrikit, said that the app costs US $10 million but it has been provided for free to Maiti Nepal. Also, Maiti Nepal is the first social organization in the world that uses technology-based approach to track criminals and missing girls and children.

The AI face recognition technology used in the app can not only identify the exact faces captured but it can also identify a person from his/her relatives since they too have similar faces. This can be helpful especially when there are no pictures of the victim.

 Source: TechLekh