Home Health Medical drones promise to serve rural Nepal 

Medical drones promise to serve rural Nepal 


Kathmandu, May 1, 2018 : The medical drones invented by the young engineers at National Innovation Center (NIC) has come as a boon to the rural households of Nepal. The drones that can easily deliver medicines and equipment within a periphery of 2 km for now, have successfully conducted few test flights and look forward to serve the people from remote areas in the country.

The drone which was designed and assembled by young Nepali graduates, is the most effective way of bringing health services to people in difficult-to-reach sites, added Pun.

“The drones were designed, fabricated and assembled by the innovative young college graduates in our labs at NIC to keep the cost low. This project could provide opportunities for young graduates to look for future inside the country and slow the rate of outflow of talented minds eventually,” shared Pun.

The drone can carry a load of up to 1kg for about two kilometers and the engineers are working to enhance their carrying capacity.

Even though the drones could be really useful for the country, Nepal still holds restrictions on them and the NIC is working with officials to give privilege to medical drones, according to Pun.

The National Innovation Center (NIC) is a non-profit organization headed by Ramon Magsaysay winning Mahabir Pun. He was also the person behind the internet connectivity campaign which helped the people of rural areas to have an access to the world of internet.

Now with the medical drones, he plans to provide medical facilities to the mountains that need it the most. The local people have no option then to resort to faith healers in this part of the country as hospitals are very far from the settlements. This is going to change soon as the drones come into play, he believes.

Photo source : THT