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Midday meal scheme bearing fruits : WFP analysis


Kathmandu, May 10, 2018: A analytical study carried out by the World food Program (WFP) has found that the midday meal scheme launched across the country in a bid to attract students and discourage dropout is bearing fruits.

The study found the educational quality of children is found to be increasing, their health improving and children enrollment rate increasing.

The midday meal program is being implemented in 29 districts of the country in two modalities- food transfer in 10 districts and cash transfer in the remaining 19 districts. The program has been catering a daily, nutritious meal for up to 600,000 children across 29 of the 77 districts in Nepal.

Speaking at a program organized by the WHO to discuss the analysis of the program, Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Khagaraj Baral said the program is becoming effective and would soon be expanded to all 77 districts.

Vishnu Adhikari, program director at Food for Educatoin Project, said that efforts were underway to run midday meal scheme through one door system.

A number of other speakers including Baburam Poudel, Director General for the Department of Education among others highlighted the effectiveness of the program.

The analytical study was carried out by the World Food Program (WFP) and mastercard in collaboration with the Government of Nepal with help from the United States Department of Agriculture.