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Mobilize youths for economic growth: Economists


Kathmandu, March 7, 2017: Economists have said that the country needs to mobilize youths in different sectors to achieve higher economic growth.

They also said that the increasing number of youths going to foreign countries for employment opportunities has decreased country’s productivity.

Speaking at a session of Uniglobe International Management Conference-IV in Kathmandu on Monday, Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister Sri Ram Poudel said that the country should create a good environment for youths to work in Nepal. “The government should also work for bringing the youths, who are plying their trade in foreign countries, back to the country,” he said, adding that the country like Nepal should retain youths and encourage them to work in their homeland. “Nepal should increase industrial production to achieve higher economic growth rate. And it won’t be possible without mobilization of youths,” he added.

Poudel also said that the government should invest in agricultural sector to increase income and living standard of farmers. “Investments in agricultural sector help in poverty reduction,” he said.

He also said that the government should invest in infrastructure development to facilitate trade and industrial sector. “The government should use foreign aid that it has been receiving to enhance connectivity with our neighboring countries,” Poudel suggested. “The country has been unable to utilize the foreign aid due to lack of good policy and the determination of government,” he said, urging the government to organize various programs to increase financial literary among rural population.

Likewise, Senior Economist Madan Kumar Dahal said that Nepal has been unable to mobilize youths in agricultural sector. Agriculture is the main sector which helps to grow economy faster and smoother, he said, adding that the country must achieve economic growth of 8-9 percent to graduate to the league of developing countries by 2022. “The government should complete reconstruction and rehabilitation work within next two to three years to return back to normal economic situation. The government should develop national economic policy to build strong economic country by involving every citizen,” he added.

Dahal also said that the government should invest in tourism, hydropower and agriculture, among other sectors, to create enough employment opportunities for youths.

The conference was organized jointly by Uniglobe College and Global College. According to the organizers, the main aim of the conference is to bring educationists, scholars, professors and economists from across the world to discuss on developing talent, building organization and creating future.

Speakers from India, Bangladesh, Slovenia and Nepal are scheduled to address the conference which concludes on Tuesday.

The conference will have sessions on human resource management, corporate governance issues and challenges, finance and marketing management issues, and financial services management issues and challenges, according to the organizers.