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National Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Dialogue Wraps Up for 2018


Kathmandu, November 1, 2018: National Youth Entrepreneurship Policy Dialogue 2018 was conducted in Hotel Pagoda, Kathmandu. Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supplies in collaboration with Daayitwa organized this one-day event.

The event was divided into two sessions: Discussion and Presentation. The event focused on the passionate youth entrepreneurs, academics, bankers, financial co-operatives, and government and non-government stakeholder. The aim of the event was to identify possible solutions to the difficulties in various issues faced by young entrepreneurs in Nepal under the same roof.

Representing Daayitwa Dr Pukar Malla stated that, “The event was a result of three months of continuous hard work so as to ensure an effective platform for the youth to voice their concerns regarding different social, political and economic constraints.”

He further added, “Government can play a vital role in building effective policies for the youth. It is very important to activate the youth but is difficult to do so. The Government should also involve the youth in policy-making processes.”

Access to finance, Education and skills, Access to information, and Business Ecosystem were the four different themes of the event in which the participant chose one to feature in.  Matrika Prasad Yadav, Minister of MoICS was present in the second half where four presentations followed by discussion segments were conducted on key policy issues, desired policy outcomes, and actions that were specific, relevant and time-bound.

Yadav shared, “The young entrepreneurs learn from the ways of the world whilst staying grounded to our own realities.” The further interaction was done with the participants by Reynaud Meyer who is Country Director of UNDP, Nepal.

Addressing the participants, Secretary of MoICS, Chandra Kumar Ghimire said, “Our existing policies certainly require some amendments. It is time we built policies that can carry the demands of today’s youth. We should strictly ensure the participation of youth in policy-making at a local level.”

Also, queries, feedback and suggestions from the fellow participants and guests were addressed.