Nepal Academy welcomes Chinese literary delegates

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Nepal Academy welcomes Chinese literary delegates

Kathmandu,18 Dec 2014: The Nepal Academy organized welcome and an interaction programme here today in honor of the six-member delegation of the Chinese Writers Association.

This is the first time the delegation from the Association arrived Nepal since the diplomatic relationships between Nepal and China were established 59 years ago.

Nepal Academy, on the occasion of an interaction between the members of the academy and the Chinese writers, tabled some proposals to the Chinese delegation, with an objective to establish cordial relationship between these two countries through the medium of literature.

Among the proposals tabled are, both the countries shall publish the poems and literary items from each other in their respective languages.

For this, both countries should provide their literary items in English to comprehend them better.

The second point of the proposal stated that a ‘Literary Seminar’ shall be organized in 2015 to mark 60 years of diplomatic relationship between Nepal and China.

Wang Liping, the vice-chancellor of the Association, on the occasion, opined that such activities would help further strengthen the relationship between the two countries.

He was of the belief that through the medium of the exchange of culture and art, both countries could establish a steadfast relationship.

The second leg of the interaction programme comprising the Chinese delegates and Nepalese writers is taking place today afternoon, according to Ganga Prasad Uprety, the Chancellor of the Academy.

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