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Nepathya to perform in Denmark, Germany

Kathmandu, July 27, 2016: Popular Nepali folk-rock band Nepathya is all set to embark on a musical tour to Europe on Wednesday.

In the two-leg tour, Nepathya will perform in Hamburg of Germany on July 30, and Copenhagen of Denmark on August 2.

After performing at Gruenspan, Hamburg, Nepathya will move to Copenhagen where a concert is scheduled at Amagerbio, according to Nepalaya, which manages the Nepathya events.

“I am excited to perform in new lands and reach to the broader Nepali Diaspora,” Nepathya front-man Amrit Gurung, said, “We will meet to have fun and also share memories of Nepal.”

The band includes front-man Amrit Gurung, Dhurba on drums, Suraj on Keyboards, Subin on bass, Niraj on guitars and Shanti on madal.

The Hamburg show is being organised by Tamu Samaaj of Hamburg and the Denmark show is hosted by International Nepalese Artist Society (INAS) of Denmark, according to Nepalaya.

The band is scheduled to roll for a two hour set of popular numbers from Nepathya’s archive.

“With this brief tour of Europe, we are opening the horizons to take the band to cities with lesser Nepali population,” said Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Nepalaya.

“In these past 15 years of our affiliation with the band, we have taken the band to almost 50 towns/cities of the country. We now aim to take them to the Nepali Diaspora spread around the world.” he added.

Earlier, the band performed in Los Angeles and Atlanta.