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From minimum 16 to maximum 40, are the people considered to be youth in context of Nepal. Now if a question is raised to them regarding what their biggest aim in life is, one will get varied answers but one thing is always common in their responses, that their ultimate goal is to achieve success. Success that may be possible through XYZ way and possibly in terms of financial stability, career, family relationships and more.

When this 16- 40 age group is asked how far they have come towards their persistence, not everyone but most of them among early 20’s may have taken baby steps towards it. Those among late 30’s may have achieved but also could be struggling. And those who are mediocre could be struggling keeping their hopes high. If we fall under this age group and also have aspired to keep such expectations out of us, we are pretty sure the journey that we will embark to aspire will be a bumpy one. And results are obvious, it’s either SUCCESS or FAILURE.

Have we ever realized there lies a common thing if we become successful or get failure in a quest to become an achiever, and that’s our PERSISTENCE.

Persistence, to be defined, is a fact of continuing the opinion or action in spite of difficulties and challenges along the way. It has been told that developing persistence is a master skill to success. Success or failure, everything lies on the line of persistence. It’s your consistency towards your bigger goal that will drive you to be more accountable with the number of efforts you will be making. This will maintain your persistency and the credibility, regardless of the fear of failure, which will ultimately make you successful. The habit of being devoid of hopes just within a single or few attempts towards your focus confined you to be a failure. As Bertrand Russell very rightly said that “No big achievement is possible without persistence” 

In similar fashion, amongst today’s youth of not being persistent is seen as a major loophole that acts as a hindrance towards their success. In this fast moving world, youth aspire to do something but they attempt things being on their comfort zone. If they succeed in single attempt then they are lucky enough. But if they don’t hit the bottom line, there is no chance of doing it again. That is the main reason where they get lost with the purpose they carry to achieve something big. No one is ready to give a second try rather they deviate the goal towards another goal post. 

One may be familiar with this phrase that “A river cuts a rock not by its power but by its persistence”. Here is what youths need to understand. No matter how much resources you have, how much knowledge you’ve gained, you will never meet out your expectations just in single attempt. If you are able to get it on a single attempt then there also lies continuous persistence to make that single attempt. We as a youth are often mistaken that we need to have that motivation to do something. It’s your action that gives you end result.

Thomas Edison, who made 10,000 attempts to invent a light bulb. Nelson Mandela who campaigned for 50 years along with stay in prison for 27 years for the sake of freedom. It was all their persistency that drove them towards their ultimatum. Prithvi Narayan Shah during his campaign of Nepal’s unification conquered Kathmandu Valley after making 3 attempts. This proves that it’s your action with consistency that drives you to the ultimate goal.

Those who have realized where they lacked may think how to maintain the consistency. Then, first of all you need to think about your purpose. There may be a lot of things that you want to do and you don’t. Now you need to refine your aim and mission in a very proper way that reflects what your purpose is. Accordingly, you need to have a burning desire to accomplish and achieve something. Until and unless you have a strong desire to get something in a very desperate way, you won’t be able to crack the nut. 

We see the bigger picture in life, but when we strive towards it, we see it as a huge rock that can not even be shaken away. So we need to cut down our bigger picture into smaller and take one step at a time to achieve it. This will lead us towards our expected results. Having passion is also one of the major catalysts that will drive the reaction of getting our products even faster. If you’re passionate about something, you desperately want to dedicate yourself into it and to achieve it, no matter how long it will take. This will definitely maintain your consistency.

At present context, youth and teens definitely need to understand what it takes to reach the height of success. And persistence is the only key that will steer them towards it. You need to know the value of hardship, struggle and consistency. One should never limit themselves by their own and other’s judgmental opinion that “ You can not do it”. Your action should be answerable to all those who doubted on your potentialities  “I did it what you thought I could not”. So keep the persistency alive to shine ahead.

One should also need to believe in the principle of 3P’s – Patience, Persistence and Perspiration. If you are patient enough throughout to keep your persistence intact then you are definitely ready to conquer the universe.

-Madhu Dhakal