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Rachin Kalakheti: A socially aware Technopreneur


Rachin Kalakheti is a young Technopreneur from Makwanpur who believes technology can be used for the greater good of humanity. Founder of a software start-up Videha Ltd, Rachin, is a 17 year old tech enthusiast working on different tech projects relating to health and education related sectors.

 His Journey

Rachin’s fascination towards tech world initiated when he was in 3rd grade when he used to video chat with his parents who lived abroad. “Technology helped me communicate with my parents who lived so far away. I was very intrigued about its mechanism as we could communicate despite the distance,” said. He didn’t have that much of resources to cater his interest in technology when he was young. He was immensely interested in game development at first which made him want to learn programming in 8th grade. He was proficient in programming by the age of 15. After some tinkering in game development, he thought he should explore other areas of tech as games wouldn’t be as productive. Rachin’s immense passion to help people made him realize that he could use his skills to help other people other than gaming.

He was always concerned about the education and health scenario of Nepal. So, he started to wonder how he could help education and health sector of Nepal grow with the help of technology. After some tinkering, he started some projects. Currently, he is working on a device that detects diseases like skin cancer and brain stroke for diagnosis. Furthermore, he is also trying to build an interactive simulator (E-app) which connects real life with AI for education purposes.

He thinks Nepal has a lot of problems in terms of AI and technology. “The lack of resources in Nepal is a bit frustrating for tech enthusiasts. Likewise, the ones who sell those resources do not have extensive knowledge about the resources. So, we have to do a lot of research about the machines ourselves,” he said. Personally, he also had difficulty in juggling studies with different projects.

Glocal teen hero and his future plans

He first heard about Glocal teen hero through a teen hero alumni, Promise Poudel. He thought this recognition could help him expand his projects because of the recognition he might get. “The interactive simulator I am trying to make needs strong networking with schools so this platform will be helpful to me,” said Rachin.

He wants to get keep on work on different projects which can solve major problems that has been bugging people for many years. He wants to combine Quantum Computing, Brain computer interface, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented reality to make an immersive simulator in the near future.

Rachin Kalakheti was selected among the 20 brightest young entrepreneurs, innovators and game changers below the age of 20 in Nepal, for the year 2019. This annual list is the ultimate honor roll of young game changers reshaping Nepal for the better. The platform seeks to encourage the youth to share their initiation, creativity, and enthusiasm which will then motivate them and more of the other youths in the nation to develop an entrepreneurial thinking.