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Ratna park being re-constructed


Kathmandu, 31 October,2014: Ratna Park, a park located in the heart of the capital, bearing the history of forty years, is undergoing a re-construction for the first time since its establishment in view of the upcoming SAARC Summit to be held on November 26-27 this year.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Division of Construction (KMDC) is undertaking the task of giving a new makeover to the park.

According to Sanjayaraj Upadhyaya, the chief of KMDC, under the re-construction project, new plants have been planted while the old one are being pruned and trimmed.

‘Chautara’ (resting platforms) around the giant trees within the park are being built. Also, new tracks are built inside the park so that the plants are not harmed while visitors walk around the park.

He also informed that new grasses have been sown in the bare land of ‘Khula Mancha’,an open space adjacent to the park where public events were held.

Similarly, the maintenance of the depleted infrastructure within the park has been intensified.

The park which was opened free of charge for the public now will charge tickets for entry, Upadhyaya added. Security personnel have been deployed and a new ticket counter has been opened.

The new system will be in effect even after the summit, Upadhyaya stated.

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